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cant wait for next year! i loved the howls moving castle couple! yasss i loved their cosplay! also took a photo with ukitake jushiro and shunsui kyoraku cosplay from bleach was awsome and funny they had to crouch down because i was so tiny , love those two plus a half hollow ichigo again i was tiny so he had to crouch , i also found Kida! finally a cosplayer who knows this awsome movie Atlantis! i also snapped a photo of deadpool with batman and just the right time to and of course this lovley mabel cosplay from gravity falls was delighted to takr a pic with me ^^ she was so sweet. i also found the trio if havoc roy and hughes from fma!! love the hughes cosplay he let me hug him like the little fan girl i am and i found a furry! well actually iy was a cosplay of the TMNT sensei and their mouth moved! so freaking epic and finally the cutie themself crona from soul eater! i cant wait for next years Anime Boston 2017!