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Pop Quiz: Which One Doesn't Belong?
Alright Vinglers! Here's another fun Pop Quiz. The last one was a bit tricky, which you can read about here in case you missed it. That was fashion related. This time, however, it's makeup related.
Look at the picture and tell me in the comments below which item does not belong.
A. Glue Stick
B. Brushes
C. Glitter
D. Eyelash Adhesive
The brushes girl you can't glue down a drag brow with any brushes
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we got us some smartypants up in here! @TessStevens @petname83 This quiz was TOOO EASY! hahaha Yeah, the brushes are a tool and not actual makeup product that is applied to the face. Everything else actually gets used in the makeup transformation. :) :) :) :)
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of course A!!!
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this is great xD
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Haha I love this quiz cx
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