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Hey guys! SO....... Apparently the "Glamorous Temptation" co-stars started seeing each other while filming for the MBC drama, and after the drama ended, they started officially seeing each other! On March 27, they were seen on a golf date with friends. Supposedly, it is said that Joo Sangwook showed Cha Yeryun a lot of affection with his care and attention while on the date.
Also, a source who knows both actors well said, “Those two are not just friends. It is an open secret among friends that the two are a couple.”
A representative from Sangwook’s agency commented that they while it is true that the two are friendly and went golfing on March 27 together, the agency has to find out from Sangwook if they are a couple.
What do you guys think of the new couple? Comment down below!
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They're cute together.
Good for them , Hopefully they end up marrying each other . High time they should start a family. Its very good news to me.