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Que tal mis amigos!

I have been on a roll today. Missed chapter 6? Here is the link.


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Chapter 7: Jungkook

Jungkook was trying to get in contact with Sely for about 4 weeks. He was upset that she did not come to the gathering. At the same time he understood, but he missed her. He knew he have been busy for the past months, but he needed her near him. Jungkook picked up his phone and called her for the 10th time today, but it went right to voicemail. This time he sang a song for her on the voicemail. I could ask Jessamine to call her, but I know she is going through some things. I wanted to kick Jimin’s ass after she left. How could he make my big sister cry? I don’t care what she did men don’t make women cry. But who am I to judge I made Sely cry all the time. Well Namjoon sure did give it to Jimin good when Nabi and Jessamine left. They broke all types of things in the house. I will go check on my big sis. Jungkook turned around and was shock to see that Sely was standing in the patio door. He rubbed his eyes twice, because he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Am I seeing things?” He said while grinning. “No, I’m here in the flesh Jungkook.” Sely said while pushing out a smile. “Do you want something to drink? We have that sparkling water you like.” Jungkook said. “No, I am good Jungkook. What do you want? You keep blowing up my phone.” Sely said while walking over to the patio chair. Jungkook ran his hands through his black hair. “What do you think I want Sely?” He stood in front of her. Sely rolled her eyes. “What kind of question is that?” “I mean you have not been replying back to me. I am still your boyfriend right?” Jungkook sat across from her. “You tell me? You avoid me then blow me up. You got crazy ass girls calling my phone and attacking me on Instagram. Have you been faithful?” Jungkook looked away and then he looked her in the eyes. He could not lie to her. “Well, that one time when we had a huge argument I did sleep with Veronica. I was so mad at you.” Sely looked at Jungkook. She didn’t know if she wanted to beat him up or kiss him. She missed him so much, and was beating herself up for not replying to him. However, he just dropped a bomb. “What?! That’s the main chick stalking me Jungkook! What am I supposed to do? You want me to wait on you?” Sely yelled. “Baby technically we broke up right after that fight, so I wasn’t cheating….BUT I WAS WRONG! I love you girl.” Jungkook ran his lips across her jawline. He took in her scent. “Baby please forgive me. You are all that I have.” A tear fell down Sely’s face. She missed his touch and he sounded so sincere. Maybe she needed to give him a second chance. She kissed his forehead and allowed him to kiss her lips. His hunger for her grew as he picked her up and pinned her on the patio wall. They fell into a deep kiss. “Okay Jungkook this is your last time.” Sely said Jungkook smiled as he lifted her up and took her to his bedroom for makeup session. “Lets make up for all the missed days.”

Chapter 8: Double Date

Hobi and Maddie were on a double date with Jin and Kat. They were having lunch in the park. It was a nice sunny day and they just needed to get away from the drama. Unlike the other couples they were okay. Hobi was feeding Maddie while Jin was taking pictures with Kat. Kat was praying that no one noticed Jin and Hobbie. She hated dealing with the crazy fans. “I’m so handsome honey! Don’t you just love me?” Jin said while hugging Kat. Kat smiled. “Honey you don’t need me to rub your ego.” “Well, no but there is something else you can rub.” Jin laughed and chased her around the park. Maddie shook her head. “Those two are so silly.” She turned her head expecting to have Hobi placing grapes in her mouth, but instead he placed his lips on her lips. Maddie enjoyed the kissed and blushed when he pulled away. “Hobi.” She giggled while playfully hitting him. “Ah I wish this day never ended baby girl. I could be here with you like this forever!” He laid his head in her lap. Kat and Jin returned. “Jin you are a freak!” Kat said while sitting across from her friends. “Ah, you two have your seven minutes in heaven behind the tree.” Maddie said while laughing. “Maybe.” Jin laughed. “How is Namjoon and Jimin doing?” Kat asked. Hobi looked stressed. “Those two are…idk what to say. Jimin got into a fight right after Jessamine left crying mean they were fighting like they never were friends. Namjoon was so pissed at Jimin.” “Yeah I told those boys to calm down cuz if someone was gonna hit me in the face I was gonna start throwing chairs. I’m too good looking for all that punching. We had to call our manager to help break up the fight. They both went into ER. They were pretty banged up.” Jin said while running his hands through Kat’s hair. “Wow Tae told us it was bad, but I had no idea it was that bad.” Maddie said. “Yeah bruised faces, busted lips, black eyes—it was like a war! The place was a mess! They are with their parents for now. Namjoon was talking about finding his own place this week.” Hobi said. “How’s Jessamine holding up? We are so worried about her. Jimin said some nasty things to her.” Jin said. “Koko and Nabi have been staying with her for a bit to make sure she is okay. She has been really depressed. She even delayed the launch for her makeup line, so I know she is going through it. We are going to see her today.” Maddie said.

Chapter 9: What Do You Want?

Koko was on the phone with Tae. Jessamine was asleep and Nabi left with Yoongi to grab some food. Koko stood on the patio and had her phone on speaker. “I know you are with Jessamine and all, but baby I miss you. I need to see you.” Tae said in a deep tone. “Baby I know, but she really needs us. Maddie, Sely, and Kat stopped by and we had a girls night here and Jessamine was lifeless. She is usually the one who is the most lit. We just wanna watch her for a while.” “It’s been a while though Koko. Yall need to give her some space. You need to come to me. Shi I forgotten what you even smell like.” “Tae baby just be patient. I miss you too and we have lots of time to make up for lost moments. You just make sure you have your sexy on when I come through.” Jessamine stood in the patio doorway. “Koko I’m fine, just go home.” “Tae baby I will call you back.” Koko hung up the phone. “Girl no you need supervision.” ,What I need is my space. I’m thankful for what all you have done, but I need to be alone. I’m not a child.” Jessamine said. “Jessamine we just think that maybe we can stay for a few days honey.” Koko said “No. You all have lives. I would feel much better if you left tonight.” Jessamine hugged Koko and pushed out a smile. “Fine I will text Nabi. If you need anything girl call us.” She hugged Jessamine one more time and left. Jessamine walked into the kitchen to pour a glass of sweet red wine when her doorbell rang. She quickly answered the door. “Koko I am fine girl.” Jessamine said thinking it was Koko. Namjoon stood at her door still bruised. He pushed out a smile even though it was painful. “Baby girl long time no see.” “Damn Namjoon…I mean come in.” Jessamine said “You too should not have been fighting Nam Nam.” Jessamine said. Namjoon pushed her onto the sofa and began kissing her deeply. It was painful, but the pain was worth it. Jessamine felt all kinds of emotions, but she kissed him back. He pulled off her bra and began sucking on her chocolate nipples. Jessamine moaned as she ran her hands through his pink dyed hair. He ripped off her panties and began rubbing inside her with his fingers. “Nam Nam..wait what are we doing?” She moaned. “I’m gonna make love to my queen.” Namjoon said in a deep voice. “No, this is crazy.” Jessamine said “Baby, what do you want?” Namjoon said. He looked deep into her eyes. “I want—I want a real relationship. I want to get married and have kids. I want to be happy Namjoon. I want things to be right.” She said. She began crying softly. “I made a mess of everything. I just want things to be right.” Namjoon pulled his face up to hers and kissed her tears. “I want the same baby and dont blame yourself. I can give you what you want.” He kissed her lips. Jessamine smiled. “I would like that.” “Hell we can practice with the baby making right now.” Namjoon smiled and ripped off his shirt and carried her to her bedroom.
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