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this part is only about what was going on in B.I mind when all of what was happening in part 4 was happening get me lol okay enjoy. WARNING BoyxBoy ReaderXIdol Semi Smut Cursing Rated M Deep emotion semi violence Comedy Enter at your own pleasure (^...^)


It's a story about Ikon Bobby and BI But there a twist! Your involved. It's your senior early and your best friend is acting weird and you want to find out why? And the guy who ruin your middle school years is back!? New people add:Junhoe and Jinhwan

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I hated the fact that I liked the feeling. I hated the fact that he touched me and the fact we’re both guys. But why did my heart kept pounding? Why is it that I didn’t want him to stop? Why did my stomach feel like there where butterflies flying? His lips were warm… I wanted to feel them again against mine. I wanted to feel the warmth of his body against mine. “What is happening to me?” I mumbled. “Aye B.I! Where were you?” Yunhyeong asked me as I walked into the shower room. “Out for a walk why?” I answered. “What happen to you here B.I” Yunhyeong asked me as he gently caressed my cheek. I had forgotten that Bobby had hit me back. I was too busy thinking about what he did to me and forgot all about what happen afterwards. I probably shouldn’t have hit him. I was too pissed off and did it on impulse. “ I was trying to open something and it slipped and I socked myself...” I said making my way through him and into the shower room lockers. Yunhyeong followed me into the locker rooms and continued bugging me. “YUNHYEONG! Shut it alright! It's none of your business as to what I was doing alright. Fuck off and give me space will ya?!” I snapped. Yunhyeong looked upset and walked off slamming the locker room doors behind him. I didn’t care if he was mad at me. I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with him today. I walked into the shower room it was empty and alone. I started thinking about the time Bobby and I were playing around. I remember how it felt the moment my body rubbed up against his and the way his body looked soaking wet. The way his hair fell so perfectly. The way he stared at me with such seducing eyes. I want to kiss him so bad that day. “Stop it, stop thinking that way damn it!” I grunted slamming my palm against the shower wall as I felt the water hit the back off my body. My body started to heat up. I closed my eyes tightly as I imagined Bobby touching me again. I began to slide my hand downwards. I began to imagine Bobby doing more. The feeling of his lips felt good against mine, maybe if he were to place those lips somewhere else, “uh-ha fuck” I moan quietly. I wanted more; I wanted to do so much more but why? Why do I want to touch him? Why am I jerking off to the thought of him doing such disgusting things? “I want to make him mine.” I whisper. I started thinking about touching Bobby's member and it got me aroused even more. I drop to the floor as my knees weaken I was close to Cumming. “Why am I feeling this way over him? It wasn’t supposed to happen this way!” I shouted punching the wall. ____(____)_____ DANCE CLASS TRAINING: B.I Pov. “Okay everyone go to your partners. We’re going to be doing the trust fall today”. One of the Trainer said.
God even with a fucked up face he still looks fine as fuck. Damn it Bobby why must you look hella good and why are you avoiding me! Oh Shit he looked at me what do I do? Wait where is he going? Quickly grab him!
I thought to myself. “Where are you going? Partner.” I said while holding Bobby by his arm. He smiled at me but I could tell it was forced. Damn it I made him hate me! I want bite the hell out of his lips so bad. When this class going to end? “Okay ready and let yourself fall,” CL instructed.  I wasn’t sure what we were doing at first so Bobby fell to the ground so many times. Then I realized I was supposed to catch him but I got to distracted by his nice ass and sexy back of his. Finally class was over and we were left alone to clean. I couldn’t resist it anymore. I walked up behind him and I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his ass against my pelvis. I didn’t want him to feel me get hard, so I pushed him up against the mirrored walls. Then I spun him around and whispered in his ear “you better keep this between you and me and  from now on you do as I say and come when I call, got it?” Bobby nodded his head. I wanted to do so many things to him so badly but I moved away. I wasn’t sure as to what was going on in my mind when I did and said that but I’m glad I moved in time before T.O.P walked into the room and greeted us.  At one point I regretted what I did, but at the same time I’m happy because it was fun when we snuck around at night. How we made out during breaks, and when we were supposed to be cleaning the restroom and shower rooms. Especially when we’d sneak out to the lake at night and we’d jerked each other off. We didn’t go any farther than that but I wanted to but for some reason. I just couldn’t get enough courage to do it. Finally summer was almost coming to an end and we had won the award. Bobby and I are now going to be new trainees at YG and we both won the prized money and now I can finally buy a home for my mother. But it was the last day of camp and Bobby and I snuck out to the lake. Bobby decided to go skinny dipping and like the horny ass that I am, I joined him. Bobby swam close to me and pulled me in close to him and kissed me. I felt his member against mine. I got nervous and splashed water at him. “You killed the mood,” he pouted. I got anxious ran out of the lake. Bobby chased after me, tackling me down and kissing my neck then my lips. The feeling of his wet body against mine felt so good. I got hard again. I slide my hand down his back slowly placing my hand on his butt. I deepen the kiss, Bobby opened his mouth slightly to breathe and I took the opportunity to stick my tongue into his mouth. He let out a small moan. Bobby settled on top of me still kissing me as he began to grind against me. It felt so good god I wanted to fuck the living shit out of him but instead I shoved him off and pulled up my pants. “Awe wae!” Bobby whined. “Because… I’m cold.” I could feel my heart racing. Bobby got dress and laid down next to me, staring at the sky. He told me about a time when him and his family went on a trip; he said he remembers a time he was watching the night sky filled with so many stars and it occurred to him to think of the stars just being little white dots that where holes that have been poked into the black night sky.  He also told me he uses to always look up at the moon and whisper a wish and asked for happiness and acceptance. “Did it come true?” I asked “Yeah because I’m happy and accepted by you,” he smiled cutely. “You know they say if you ask the moon for something or whisper loving words you wish to tell a loved one, the moon will grant your hearts desire and make your love come true for all eternity,” Bobby said, looking up at the beautiful moon. I smiled at him as he laid his head on my chest. I wrap my arms around Bobby and kissed him on the forehead. “Do you believe in wishes B.I?” Bobby asked. I looked at him and chuckled at how cute he looked making those puppy dog eyes. I nod my head yes and shrugged. “What about you? Got any fond, childhood memories?” Bobby asks while getting himself comfortable on me. “Yeah, once when I was little I saw my mother and father holding each other and smiling at one another. They looked so happy together. It looks like they saw no one else around them it was only just them two. When they loved each other” I could feel my throat tightening. “Do you believe in love?” bobby asked. “I did, once upon a time” I answered as I raked my fingers through his hair “What happen to make you stop believing in it?” he ask me with a sad voice “Um… just… um… just lost hope in it.” I struggled. Bobby lean in and peak a kiss on my lips. “You can trust me I won’t tell anyone or judge you or see you any different” he whispered sweetly.  I smiled and nod “Um... one day my Eomma found out Appa has been seeing another woman. One day Eomma confronts him about it. He got mad and tried to deny it but She already knew he been cheating on her for a while. Eomma cried and shouted that night my sister did too. That man broke my family and caused Eomma to have a broken heart and my sisters to have trust issues. They cried for months on” I paused. Bobby still looking up at me to continue “we ended up moving into my grandparents home where my uncle lived as well. The house we lived in belonged to that man. I hated it living with my uncle he mistreated us and my grandparents and him constantly called my mother names. They called her a whore and a useless wife and daughter once. I wanted to beat the fuck out of my uncle but Eomma stop me” my eyes began to tear up.  Bobby notice and whipped away my tears. I continued and told him about everything my father did and how he had a family on the side about how my sister cried for him so much and how now she dated idiots who mistreat her and how my other sister dates multiple guys at once, how my grandparents harassed my mother and constantly put her down and how my uncle would beat us. Bobby looked interested in my story. He noticed how I was becoming frustrated whenever I mentioned my uncle. So he would calm me down by caressing my face. “Is that the main reason to why you want to win so badly?” Bobby asked. “Yeah I wanted to get Eomma the house she deserves. I want us to be happy like before” I shuttered. Bobby wrapped his arms around me and held onto me tightly “it’s okay, now you did it you won and now you’re going to get that safe home you always wanted to get your family.” I titled his chin up a bit and kissed him passionately. Bobby smile between kisses “you know I can’t believe I’m kissing you” he chuckled. “Why that?” I asked “Because I never really thought I’d be with a guy” Bobby said looking away from me. “I was told liking another boy is wrong” he added. Bobby lay back down on my chest. “My 5th grade my teacher told me I’m not suppose to like boys only girls he said that its wrong and it’s not normal, other kids in my class found out and told other people they called me name and bullied me” Bobby voice became hollow and tight. I could hear the cry in his voice. “Ones these groups of girls pulled me by my hair and grab my book bag and ripped everything I had, they called me gross and disgusting. Afterwards a group of guys jumped me after school.” Bobby sobs trying to hold back his tears.  “Eventually it became a daily routine.  My parent  ended up finding out and my mother told me its phase I’m going through, my dad just looked at me with disgust," Bobby clinched his teeth. “My father treated me like an infected animal and my mother would take me to church everyday making me feel like a child being possessed. She told her friends I was a sin and that I’m only seeking attention.” I gulped as Bobby's eyes became red I wanted him to stop before he started to cry even more. “I eventually started dating girls. My parent stopped being mean and stopped treating me like a disease and my dad started talking to me again. They even stopped beating me. I began to believe them and started to feel like if I was something disgusting and the only way to get clean was to become normal,” Bobby tried not to cry harder. “I just wanted to feel normal again!” he cried out. “You are normal Bobby, and if you’re not normal then neither am I,” I kissed his lips. Bobby smiled and stopped crying a bit. “My father forced me to have sex with females before” he blurted out.  I paused and pulled away from him giving him a confused look “wait what?” “He hated the fact that I was into guys so he took me to a playboy like house when I was like 13 and forced me. I hated the feeling of it, it didn’t feel good to me but anyways have you ever, you know done it with anyone?” Bobby asked me, pulling me close to him. “Um…yeah…Duh…” I lied. “Really? You have?” “No” I respond quickly. Bobby starts laughing. “It’s not funny” I barked. “It’s cute…wait am I your first kiss?” Bobby asked with a big smile. “NO! Yes… shut up!” I felt my cheeks getting hot, I started blushing. Bobby leaned in and kissed me. Pushing me down and hug me, snuggling up against me. “You’re so cute,” he mumbled as he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. I kissed him on the forehead and looked up at the night sky, "I...I love you... Bobby" I whisper. "Don't ever leave my side please"
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