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So I'm doing this awesome challenge (you should do it too! & tag me!) with @Lexxcisco and today is Day Twelve(ish)!
Male Biases!
This card could get RIDICULOUS. All male kpoppers could go in this card, so! I'm choosing one, because choosing after the one would just be ridiculous.
One, I decided to not choose Siwon for this, as he's obviously been in a ton of cards so far, and will be in TONS more.
Two, obviously I had to choose Junmyeon.
So, Junmyeon is the amazing leader of EXO, Suho. He's... very difficult to describe correctly. He honestly simply makes me so happy all the time.
His smile is the sun. It's so freaking bright. I honestly like, I look forward to seeing him smile? *is weird*
His smile.
Please enjoy this vine of Jongdae being the god we never knew we needed.
This has been Day 12(ish) of the kPop Challenge!
More to come!
Tagging a few folks! Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged :)