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Relationships are hard work.

You're a team, you're partners, you're starting to share a life.

Here are 3 ways to make sure you are keeping a balanced, healthy relationship:

1. Are you listening?

It's so easy to get stressed and only think about the things that are bothering you, its survival instincts! But stop and think about what is going on in your partner's life too. Did they have a bad day? Is work hard for them? How are they really feeling today?

Ask them.


2. Who is the problem solver?

If an issue comes up in either of your lives, who solves it? It's one thing to be supporting each other, but if you are the one solving the issues for both of you, its uneven. Be careful to not slip into the roles of "problem solver" and "problem maker" or worse, the "rescuer" and the "needs to be rescued."
Work together to solve problems and to support each other equally.

3. Are you still responsible for yourself?

This goes right along with being a problem solver. You are both still adults leading separate lives. If only one of you is responsible for themselves (helping around the house, paying the bills, etc) it becomes a sort of parent/child relationship. From there it is easy for the "child" to blame the "parent" that they're nagging and annoying. You must both remain responsible adults.

Has anyone else felt like they were or are in an unbalanced relationship?

you bring up very valid points thanks for the info - LORD SOFT BOTTOM
These are once again nice suggestions from you @sophiamor. There were times I feel I had an unbalanced relationship but it was all because of my selfishness. I'm pretty blunt and I am impatient for hearing out things I don't necessary agree on. Thankfully, he's a problem solver and I'm gradually learning to be a better listener!