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I was browsing through a magazine this morning and saw a picture that reminded me of Sara Paxton in teen chic-flick, Aquamarine. I pretty much fell in love with her hairstyle when she played the mermaid role. The highlighted streak wasn't that popular in the early 2000s. People always thought it was tacky but now it is the hippest trend in the hairstyling world.
So, let's talk a little bit about the mermaid hair. I always wanted Taylor Swift's wavy texture but I wasn't born with that gene. I resorted to the curling iron method to achieve such texture. The only problem I have with that is it doesn't last long due to my naturally straight hair. But fear not! There are many products that gives your hair a bit of gritty texture, so even if the curls fall flat you can still end up with a soft beach wave.
Below are five mermaid hairsprays that I recommend trying out.

Sea + Coconut Wavy Hair Mist

This is the most affordable option in this list. Price does not determine quality. Even though this is about half the price of other big brands the quality is top-notch. Made with botanical and natural ingredients (vegan-friendly)! This hair mist will give you the Caribbean hair in a matter of a few scrunches. (Get it here)

Mermaid Hair Shine Spray

This is basically perfume for your hair except with added benefits. It tames flyaways, add shine and keeps your hair looking healthy after curl. You will love the light scent of orange blossom and coconut oil! Other things to note: They're cruelty-free! (Get it here)

Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

Everyone knows sea salt spray can add beach waves to flat and lifeless hair. This little bottle is one of my favorite because all you need is scrunch your hair a bit and you'll have instagram-worthy beach waves. The ingredient also contains aloe vera and a hint of rose fragrant. (Get it here)
Holy crap I mean Aquamarine! I got confused with H2O
@Priscillasdoor LOL. You made my day.
no no no the movie just add water XD
I purchase mine on etsy . They make it themselves, really helps my hair be wavy, plus smells so pretty I get random people smelling my hair
@SeoInHan It depends how you use it and your hair type!
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