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This is my Scavenger Hunt Partner - @katyng52. Please enter us into the Prize Drawing.
1. Pictures of each member in my favorite MADE Tour outfits. Explain why.
GD - This is a great color scheme for him with the red hair and all. I don't know why I like the double leather jacket and the Home Depot gloves but I do like the white t-shirt with jeans look.
Taeyang - I like that he's wearing all the crap he's gonna toss out to the crowd. You know they're about to sing We Like 2 Party and you know it's the end.
Seungri - This is also the end, but he's so adorable with the hat and all that blonde hair pushed forward.
T.O.P - Suit. Done.
Daesung - Everyone knows, cuz I've said it a million times, I love the Stray Cats, and I love that he's wearing a button-down shirt with the Stray Cats' logo and black jeans.
2. Video of favorite live performance from MADE Tour.
It's a fancam. Sorry. But GD's wearing the outfit I like and their performance of Good Boy changed my opinion entirely about the song because I actually didn't like it before.
3. Favorite MV from MADE Singles.
I chose Zutter as my favorite because I really enjoyed the "credits". It reminded me of my favorite movie #3 - Snatch. Plus, you saw them as being vulnerable which was interesting.
4. MADE fan art (5 examples).
Wow. Too Much Fan Art!! Credits to all owners who are amazing. Especially love the Chibi's made by 2PIIM.
5. Picture of MADE Tour concert ticket.
Here's one from Malaysia. I didn't feel like taking a picture of mine.
6. 1 picture, 1 video, and 1 gif of the crowd at a MADE Concert.
The pic is the crowd in Vegas, the gif is the crowd in Sydney, and the video is the crowd in Toronto.
7. Video or clip of my favorite V App MADE episode and why.
This is about a 13 min clip for the release of A. All the cute stuff happened in this - Dae-Sungin Channel, eating of Seungri's cafe waffles, and the aegyo when they reached 300,000 views.
8. Video of any member interacting with the crowd at a MADE concert.
Fancam - Sorry. Here they are in Manila.
9. Pictures of fans wearing MADE merchandise (3 examples).
10. Video of favorite MADE Tour Report and why.
This has been my favorite Tour Report for awhile now. Daesung on drums.. shall I continue? (Go away @lovetop). I have seen every single Tour Report and nothing seems to top this one.
11. Pictures from your favorite MADE-related Photoshoot.
Love all of these. The mashup is a good example of some of my favorite pics all in one.
12. Video, picture, or gif of a MADE fan tribute.
This was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Courtesy of Jiyongdae.
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Bias Bae Bae's - @sailynn & @katyng52
aiya I see what we somehow go to the same places for BB goods!!! i got the same things πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
@xroyalreisx what about me lol @KDSnKJH Yessbi agree with you... GD those look beautiful in that outfit.
if i ever did one of these i would bee @BBxGD help ....atill impressive though very impressive
@KDSnKJH I know right! and I still don hv a few items..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@katyng52 The fan pix were the stupidest hardest!
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