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To be honest, I haven't paid a lot of attention to Day6, but I figured since I knew about their comeback, I'd check them out. So I watched the video, and put the English captions on there so I could understand the lyrics. Instantly after about the first couple of lyrics, I start crying like a baby 😭!!! Why?
Well, because I 100% relate to what the song is about. When you love someone but you're no good for them or they're no good for you but you love them to death and realize you have to let that person go so you can both move on and be happy, is what this song is about. I am crying so much from this song because of a recent breakup.... It's been tough, but I'm surprisingly hanging in there somehow. Thank you Day6!!! ❤️ Tags: @JarviaKlipka @ESwee @KPOPandKimchi @PassTheSuga @IsoldaPazo @KennaStarz @poojas @KwonOfAKind @SugaCookies @kpopINT @MrsJungHoseok @SokharChea @AaliyahNewbell @Choijiah @GamerKyumin @usagichan20104 @jennissa711 @Ivethcrisoforo @mellyortiz @Namjoonsbutt @Znae @mszmarclyne93 @RTC123 @NykeaKing @XDLP @MiahCisneros @rosajlm2 @amberfoe @hopekookie @faith92 @ArmyofKookie @GriseldaZenger @CrystalBlunt @ZeidaAlvarez @mrsjeon @Isolate
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I am seriously so in love with this track! It's sad that they're minus one member but the song is stunning!