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DAY6 'DAYDREAM' Mini Album News!
Hey kitties! After all the nice teaser photos and the album spoiler, The MV for 'Letting Go' is finally released! The wait is over mates! ^__^
Day6 'Letting Go' Teaser Video!
Day6 <DAYDREAM> Album Spoiler! The album contains of 6 tracks: 1. First Time 2. Blood 3. Letting Go 4. Sing Me 5. Hope 6. Hunt Here is their Instagram account where you can find the teasers and album spoiler:
'Letting Go' MV Is finally released! :D wooooo yeah leggo!!
*Kpopint does not own any of these photos, videos, or gifs! Credit to Day6/JYP Entertainment. Gif creds to the rightful owner :) WOW the song is amazing and they looked so handsome!! XD Have you heard their song yet? How do you feel about it? -Happy Tuesday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
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I love that they did the spoilers live instead of just clips from the album. It realy shows off their talent!
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