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The level of sadness I have for this music video is beyond words. Like omg. Look at those SIX happy boys. This is what fan-craziness has reduced this newly-successful-not-even-been-on-the-scene-for-a-year-band to. Can you even imagine? I, for one, will not be letting this go.
Idk, but the fact that they chose this song as the single speaks volumes. LOOK AT THAT EMPTY KEYBOARD ON THE LEFT. If this isn't a tribute to a wrongly lost colleague, I don't know what is. I mean, they kinda tried to hide it with all the other unattended musical equipment, but the placement and everything is very blatantly obvious. This single is for Joonhyuk. It is definitely extremely unfortunate something like this happened, but eh. Korea. Us with our "Western" mindset wouldn't understand the very repressed lives they live as Korean musicians. Sorry for the rant. On to the actual song.
Day6 has again delivered greatly with their impeccable taste in music, albeit the missing keyboardist. It retains all the qualities of their style of music, and they aren't holding anything back vocally. This band is an extremely talented group of people, (though cannot be compared to FTIsland etc) and I'm extremely excited for their fan meet in the US (even though I can't go because $$$$$$). Plus, have you seen how the drummer grew into this physique? I think yes honey.
I felt the same way when I watched this music video. The room is filled with equipments but they are all just sitting there. I guess this depicts their emptiness without junhyeok.
This breaks my heart, I didn't even notice the empty keyboard. I hope that they can ALL find success and happiness in life, I just wish this didnt happen like this :(
I love this song but I'm with you, not letting it go.