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Hello and welcome to- omo! The 14th episode of Foreign Flower! Wow, is it really the last episode? It feels as if it were just yesterday when I released the Preface to the novel! So much has happened!
Even the BigBang guys are watching the sun set on this wonderful novel! Don't you think it's ending a little too quickly? ;o
Well anyways! I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has ever liked, commented, clipped, or even viewed this novel! It was all that kindness that motivated to keep writing! <3 Saranghae! *bows*
Here are all the chapters in case you want to read them later on. <3
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Omo, that's a lot! Be sure to read them carefully and treat them well! Regardless of feels! Dx
Well, without further ado..... shall we begin?
Please, enjoy.
Chapter 14
Your hand shook violently as you pulled on the glass doors to enter YG Entertainment. You stuff it into your coat pocket to shield it off from giving your nervousness away. <<Stay cool, keep calm. Don't jump to any conclusions. Breathe it out girl.>>
As you pass by the receptionist, she swiftly gets out of her seat and asks you to stop. You look at her confused then feel even more perplexed when she gives you a firm hug. Without a word to be exchanged, she lets go and quietly returns to her desk, lowering her head to keep you from seeing her face.
<<Was that suppose to be some kind of good luck hug?>>
You brush off the though even though her kindness had embedded a seed of hope in the pit of your stomach. The elevator to the top of the building felt longer than usual, as if the Earth was trying to pull you back down to a stable ground while heaven kept supporting you higher and higher with conclusions. You walk straight pass your office. The door seemed foreign to you already even though you had been working there enough for the past several months to finally call it yours and not the company's. Your co-workers remain silent as you walk by, their fingers even hovering in a paralyzed state above the keyboard. None of them had the courage to look at you, or rather say hello, killing the small seed of hope that the receptionist had planted just a few moments ago.
<<Is it.... is it this bad.....>>
You take a deep breath and exhale it thoroughly before knocking on the CEO's door. You hear a muffled approval from the other side and open the door, bracing yourself for the final moments.
You shut the door behind you and bow, “You needed to see me?”
It was just you and the CEO in the room, absorbing by the stillness and the tension.
He stares at you long and hard with his hands under his chin, propped up by his elbows on the desk. “I'm assuming you know why you're here,” his voice was low and indifferent.
Your insides begin to twist with anxiety. “No sir, it's best I do not make an assumption and allow you to tell me direction,” you manage to say in one smooth breath.
The corner of his mouth twitched for a split second, but he quickly changed positions to hide further emotion. “Yesterday, you filled in for one of CL's back up dancers correct?”
“Yes, during rehearsals.”
“I see. And what did you do afterwards?”
A wave of powerful shivers run down your body, “Afterwards I-I-”
“You had some type of dance off with BigBang, correct?” His words were crisp and clear.
“Yes, sir.”
“And during this.... dance off, you personally invited another group to dance with BigBang on the stage?” His face remained expressionless.
You stand there, frozen in place like an animal being stalked by prey. Your mouth opens to reply.
“And from there, you went off and gave some type of speech about uniting KPop together for the fans, and being open about collaborations. You even revealed your support for other groups!” He stands up abruptly as he finishes the last line.
Your body wanted to respond with backing away but you continued to hold your ground. <<If I back out now, I'll just make things worse. Hold it together girl, and for peeps sake, don't you dare start crying if it comes to that!>>
The CEO takes a second to look at you square in the eye, as if to search of a loose thread to pull on and unravel your deepest thoughts. “You're not signed under YG as an actor, as a model, or as an artist. You're employed as our company translator, just like you stated yesterday during your speech. Where in the contract does it say that you're allowed to comment on non YG artists? The fact that you were there in the first place,” he glances down to pound his desk with fist. “I should fire the choreographer and that dancer-”
“No!” you interject immediately.
He glares up at you as if you've destroyed something precious that belonged to him.
“It was my fault for speaking out of context. It anyone should be fired, it should be me.” Your heart accelerates with anticipation of his next words.
“I thought about that too, as a matter of fact.”
Your heart plummets well below normal elevation levels.
Suddenly the door flies open and in comes marching all five BigBang members. They stand around you and bow deeply at the CEO.
“Please don't fire her,” Ji-Yong says as he remains bowed.
Tears begin to actually weld up behind your eyes. <<Idiots, this is my battle! You'll only make this harder!>> A large knot glues itself in your throat, preventing you from speaking.
“What she said yesterday was something that every fan has been trying to say. She was representing them,” TOP says as he speaks to the floor.
“It would only make things worse if she were to leave for what she did since she did just preform in our video as a representation of our VIP fandom. We would look like hypocrites and that's something we definitely are not.,” Seung-Ri adds in.
“It is too our fault for starting this mess with a innocent game of dancing,” Tae-Yang's voice trembled but his face remained downward like everyone else.
Dae-Sung straightens up and smiles warmly at the CEO, “And you also said that she is part of the YG family, so even family deserves a second chance.”
The CEO sighs and sits back down in his chair with the back of his hand wiping away invisible sweat from his forehead. “I wasn't going to fire her. I was trying to scare her with a hard scolding to keep her safe in case things turn for the worst.”
The rest of the BigBang members rise up and stare at the CEO with muddled expressions. The knot in your throat maintains a strong hold as the tears in your eyes begin to gather together in the corners of your eyes and across your bottom eyelid, blurring your vision.
The CEO looks at you with soften features, “You're getting immensely popular for your involvement in the business industry, and for taking part in BigBang's work. With that, you drawn in more fans, more support, more positivism to the point where any wrong doing, any slip up, or any 'accidents' can cause your reputation to plunge and ruin everything for you and for what you have grown to stand for, Miss Foreign Flower.
“I need you to be careful from now on. I need you to start trusting less strangers and to avoid large crowds because someone somewhere may be trying to look for that perfect moment to bring you down. Just as the media got on my back from keeping quiet about having you work for us, and just as the media is trying to get on yours right now, for getting hands on a video that someone leaked on the web about you just merely speaking your thoughts.
“You're not signed under entertainment, but you are working for me, and what you do reflects back on me, especially since I look after all my children with care. And I'm glad you're able to have guys like these, backing you up as well. It reassures me in my decision making.”
The guys had grown childish smiles during the CEO's lecture and now begin to cheer when he ends.
“T-thank y-you,” you force yourself to croak but end up heaving due to the tears finally rushing down your face. You squat down and rest your head on your knees, feeling your tears soak through your jeans and onto touch your thighs.
“You bullied her for too long,” Dae-Sung chuckles and squats down to rub your back.
The CEO smiles, “it's hard to believe since she was holding out so well throughout the whole lecture. She's a strong girl, I have no doubts in her ability to hand the media or whatever they throw at her.”
You cry harder, <<God, just stop with the praising! You're making it worse! This is embarrassing!>>
TOP pulls out the chair and takes your hand to lift you up on your feet and guide you to the chair. You sit down but continue to hide your face with your hands, struggling to stop the flow of happy tears.
Seung-Ri slides behind you and puts his hands on your shoulders, “Yaah, you're too tense! I can't give you a massage if you keep crying!” he complains, trying to ease your shoulders.
“That's not how you do it, scoot over,” Tae-Yang pushes Seung-Ri to the side.
A small giggle escapes through in between your dry heaves, making everyone smile.
“So what's going to happen with the leaked video and the media?” Ji-Yong asks.
The CEO leans back in his chair, “Well, I was going to mention this to her only, after the scolding, but since you're all hear, I might as well say it anyways. I got a call from JYP earlier this morning. Apparently he talked to SM and a few of the other main entertainment branches and have all agreed to hold a meeting to discuss projects together.”
“Collaborations?” You manage to mutter.
The CEO chuckles, “Just like you and the rest of the fans wanted to see, yes. So when this hits the news, it will make you look like a hero for speaking up for the fans and getting something across. Seems like this played well in your favor but you shouldn't let it blind you from being careful from now on.”
You produce a small smile as you wipe away the final traces of tears.
“A revolution for the future of Korea's entertainment industry. Thank you,” the CEO bows his head to you.
You bow back then stand, “I came in thinking I would lose doing the thing I love best, but I'm walking out with more reasons to work harder for everyone here.”
The CEO grins, “Good, because you're going to be worked harder since we're going to be doing projects with various companies from now on.”
You bow once more, “I'll work hard!”
“So will we!” BigBang bows after you.
“Oh yeah, boss, when will be having our celebration party?” Ji-Yong asks just as you turn to leave.
“Ah yes, I almost forgot. I won't be able to attend this time but go ahead and have it with the staff whenever it's convenient for everyone's schedules. Let my assistant know and he'll plan out the details.”
You smirk at the odd news“Party?”
“We're throwing a small company party to celebrate for our hard work on the new album we'll be releasing soon,” Tae-Yang explains.
“Sounds like fun.”
“You're expected to attend since you're part of the company,” the CEO clarifies.
“Boss! She's going to get a formal invitation too, why did you have to ruin the surprise?” Dae-Sung whines with a smile.
“That way she doesn't make plans,” the CEO chuckles at Dae-Sung.
“I'll be there, just let me know,” you smile and bow then excuse yourself from the office.
At home, you take a hot bath to ease your body from being stained for so long. You lie your head back and breathe in the relaxing steam. <<That was a close call.... Maybe someone is out to get me...>> You giggle. <<Nah, that's stupid. Crap just happens right? Hmm.... I do need to watch out for myself from now on, but then again, my neighborhood is pretty chill so no need to worry>>
You rinse off and change, then make your way to the sofa and plop down to watch the awards show that you had slept through the night before. You cheer for all your favorite groups, and completely fangirl when BigBang preforms their previous songs and new the song that you took part in with the music video.
<<I'm glad they're back and working hard. The kings deserve to take a seat on their thrones again.>>
Your phone rings. You pull it from the cracks of the couch cushions and smile at the caller ID. “Hello?”
“Hey girl!” your best friend breathed into the other line.
“How are you?”
“I'm great! Enjoying that Californian sunshine like usual! How about you?”
You giggle, “I've been well. A little stressed here and there but well.”
She giggles back, “Causing trouble again ey?”
“What do you mean?”
“I saw that video of you major fangirling in front of hella artists. I was like, you go girl! But then I realized you may get in trouble for saying such things so I had to call to double check that you're fine.”
You smile, “Yeah, I thought I was screwed too but nah, everything worked out fine. The other entertainment companies are holding a meeting to discuss group projects and YG got invited too so I guess it worked out in my favor.”
“Damn girl, way to change South Korea for the world! I'm proud of you though. When I saw you speaking, yes I had to translate it, but the passion and the energy you were emitting was definitely the Foreign Flower that I know and love.”
You laugh together over the phone.
“So...” she says when both of you calm down, “Have you confessed yet?”
Your face turns pink, “Dude, you're only calling me to get gossip huh? Have you remembered who my bias is?”
“Why yes I did remember, and no, that is not why I am calling. That's just another thing to add to our girl-talk is all.”
You snort, “oh really? Who's my bias then?”
“Don't avoid the topic, girlie! When will you confess to the poor guy!” she whines.
“Dunno. Never maybe.”
“Don't say that! You have to! You deserve to be happy!”
“What if he doesn't like me in that way?”
This time, your best friend snorts over the phone, “Girl please. Trust me on this. When will you confess?” she repeats.
“I don't know. Maybe at the party or something-”
“Party? What party?”
“Aishh, I wasn't suppose to say that!”
“Ugh! You're horrible! Keeping secrets like that away from me! Spill those beans chica!”
You sigh, “there's suppose to be a party one of these days, I don't know. It's to celebrate BigBang's hard work on their new album.”
“That's perfect!”
“No. I'm not gonna do it then.”
A shuffling sound is heard through the door, followed by the sound of heavy door creaking open then closing hard.
“Sorry, it's close to midnight here so I gotta talk in the garage so I don't wake up my boys. Anyways. Girl think about it. It's a party, you're gonna be looking hot like you usually do at parties, and he's going to be drawn in and that's going to be the perfect chance!”
“You're crazy. No.”
She sighs, “Look, this is how I see it. This is their celebration party right? Meaning, they're going to drop the album soon, which signifies that they're gonna be on local tour soon after that, so that basically means that you're going to see him only here and there. And IF, and that's like a 75/25 chance, IF they go on a World Tour, how often do you think you'll be able to see him?
“A lot of things can happen if it comes down to that. You remember their MADE tour, it lasted almost a whole year, and that doesn't include their non-concert events. Honestly, it's either now, or never and I am praying that you choose now because you deserve this. Even if it's just a chance, at least you got those feelings out of the way.”
You run a hand through your hair, “Yeah, you're right. I think about it more thoroughly.”
You picture her smile through the phone, “I believe in you girlie. I really do. Hey, I gotta go since it's so late. I'm glad you're not in trouble and things worked out wonderfully! I love you girl, and I miss you lots! I'll call you another time!”
“Alright, thanks for checking in. Love and miss you lots too.”
The line goes dead. You toss your phone aside to the empty spot on the couch and lean on the arm support. <<She's right. It's either now or never.>>
The following day you attend work normally. The receptionist greets you with a warm hello as you walk by, and your co-workers hug you as soon as they see you walk in through the elevator doors. When they finally settle, you slip into your office and close the door gently, taking a long moment to appreciate every aspect of your office.
“This is the life,” you breathe.
As you set your things on the side of your office desk, you notice a white envelope with your name written in cursive on the front. As you open it, you realize it was the formal invitation that Dae-Sung mentioned you'd be receiving.
“Damn, that was fast,” you smile and take a seat to read it. <<You are invited to attend the celebration of BigBang's new album and the hard work they put into it creating its wonders......>>
“Why do I get the feeling that one of them wrote this?” you giggle. “This is a semi-formal event, food and drinks will be provided, as well as karaoke and games. See you tonight!”
You set the invitation down to start up your computer. You begin working on paper work but end up taking several breaks due to your mind wondering off. <<Come, I need to focus here>>
You chew on your lip then take a sip of water to keep your thoughts from overflowing into a pit full of distractions. Not even an hour goes by before you end up giving up and taking a break.
<<I know what I'm going to wear. Semi-formal isn't so bad. But it's tonight. TONIGHT. Which means I have to confess by TONIGHT. Aishh, this is too fast. I'm not gonna go. I'll tell them I have plans or something..... Wait no, I can't. The CEO said I have to. Ugh... Why he do this to me?>>
“How do I confess? How do I even pull him aside? Aishhh, so many things to do, so many decisions to settle, this is gonna be bad.”
The day progresses with your head full of distractions, minimizing the quantity of work you're able to get through. You leave the office a bit earlier than usual, allowing yourself extra time to prepare for the party, physically and mentally.
The moment you get home, your mind begins to fill your head with scenarios. Good and bad mixing themselves together. You take a long shower to help clear your head but standing under the running water only made your body relax, not your thoughts.
It doesn't take you long to change and do your hair and make up. You sit on the couch, fancied up and ready to go but the fact that there was still three hours before the party actually started made the butterflies in your stomach more restless with each passing moment.
You scroll through your social media, take a couple of selfies and send them to your best friend, and even flip through the television channels to find something worthy of killing time. You settle with watching some Running Man, laughing hysterically throughout the episodes and unwinding some of the tension that had built up inside of you.
Your phone beeps with an incoming notification. It was your best friend who had sent you a picture of Benji with the caption saying, 'Fighting!' You smile and save the photo in your gallery as you exit out of the app, your eyebrows shoot up in surprise when you glance at the clock.
“Crap! I'm already 15min late!” you jump up and run to your room to grab your heels off the bed and a clutch to slip your phone in. You slide your heels on as you make it to the door and grab your keys then shut the door behind you, completely forgetting to turn off the television and to lock the door behind you.
<<Aishh, stupid heels. I'd be able to walk faster if it wasn't for them>>
You arrive at YG Entertainment later than you expected to arrive due to taking the inside streets instead of the main streets to avoid a suspicious car that had driven by you multiple times after you turned your street corner.
The clacking sound of your heels against the hard floors make the sound echo loudly through the first floor, giving your arrive away as you approached the conference room that had been converted into the party room.
Your co-workers greet you instantly, some of the female staff hugging you tightly and telling you how terrified they had been when they heard that you were called in to talk to the CEO. You share a few laughs with the male staff, even getting poured a glass of champagne.
It takes you a while to reach where BigBang was sitting since everyone kept stopping you to talk or stopping you to compliment on your work.
“If you're the life of the party tonight, then why aren't you guys partying it up?” you tease when you're within earshot.
All of the members look up and begin to smile when they see it was you. They all jump up simultaneously and try to act like they weren't sitting down by soothing out their clothes.
“We were wondering if you'd actually show up,” TOP admits.
“Yeah, we thought you'd ditch us and stay home,” Dae-Sung adds in.
“What? But it's your party! Why would you be waiting for me?” A small smile sprouts on your face as a light blush starts to consume your cheeks.
“Because you make things funner,” Seung-Ri grins.
“You distract us from the seriousness of our workload,” Ji-Yong bites his lip to hide his own smile.
“And because we owe our gratitude to you for being you,” Tae-Yang's eyes smile as he blushes back.
You bow, “I'm honored to be working with such wonderful kings. Thank you for taking care of me up until this point.”
They bow back.
“Well then.... let's party!” Seung-Ri sings and drags Tae-Yang to a mini bar that had been set up.
You get poured another glass of champagne before Dae-Sung pulls you out to the karaoke machine where he forces you to sing a duet with him. After the song, Ji-Yong takes over Dae-Sung's microphone and also makes you sing along with him. TOP wonders around between you and Ji-Yong and starts dancing along, occasionally singing into his microphone. After the song ends, other staff members take over the karaoke, you cheer along and end dancing a bit when Tae-Yang starts to provoke you with his skills.
Everyone gathers around to watch BigBang cut their celebration cake. You tear up when they begin their thank you speeches and flush bright red when they mention you.
“We must have a special place in their hearts if they mentioned you like that,” one of your co-workers leads in and says in your ear.
You shrug, “I'm just grateful for being able to work with them.”
“You're not secretly dating one of the members are you?”
Your heart stops, but you force a playful giggle out of your mouth, “No, of course not. What makes you say that?”
Your co-worker shakes her head, “Nothing really. It'd be tough if you were though, with them going off to tour after their album releases. Wouldn't want to live that life myself.”
<<She's right. I can't confess with that on the line. It'd hold him back....>>
Your heart sinks to the floor, but you build up your strengthen and try to enjoy the party a little longer. People had already began going home. There was only a handful of you still partying with the members. You take out your phone to check out the time and feel a mischievous smile grow on your face when the light beamed fifteen till 1 in the morning.
<<I almost forgot what it felt like to be out late and live young>> the smile grew wider then fell into a small half smile. <<It's best I call it a night>>
You turn around and see BigBang all spread out talking to different people <<Goodnight guys, thank you for everything up until now, and thank you for being amazing! Fighting!>>
You make your way out of the conference room, bowing to a couple of coworkers along the way. The main lobby was empty. You step carefully to avoid making a loud echo with your heels.
You push the main door open and instantly react with a shiver to the cold Seoul night. <<Damn me for forgetting a jacket>> You open your clutch to grab some money but notice that it only contained your phone. <<Are you kidding me? I forgot a jacket AND money!>>
You sigh deeply, <<My feet are killing me>>
“Whoa, are you walking home at this hour? You're crazy, it's dangerous out there right now, especially since people know who you are. Let me walk you home, at least this way I'll know you'll be safe....”
The End....?
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After a long, brutal debate with the writer, the editor, and the creator (that being all me.....) it was concluded that there needed to be a second season.
Why? Well I'm glad you asked!
Because it's BIGBANG, there must always be more of BigBang!! :D
And because I have a lot of things I need to cover with this aspiring KDrama!
Like- How will the first kiss go down? How will the others react? How will the fans react? Who will confess first? Who was that man that tucked your hair in the beginning of the series?! And what will happen to South Korea's beloved Foreign Flower?!?!? :O
So for that, it may take me a few weeks to get things rolling again due to college and work being a priority, but no worries, it will get done. Like I said, this is the end..... of Season 1.
Things to look forward to in Season 2-
For that, please take this 1 question survey on who you think it is. :3
>>>>> Survey <<<<<<
You may have to reread the novel again, because I DID drop hella hints here and there! ;)
Thank you once again for supporting me on this novel! I didn't realize it'd get this popular, and it warms my heart! I plan on publishing it on Wattpad towards the beginning of summer, as well as getting it officially published eventually because you guys gave me hope! :) <3 <3
Share it with friends and family who enjoy either reading or Kpop or both, reread as many times as you like, and remember to love our kings!
I'll be working on a couple of side projects during this time (@KristinaCaron , I haven't forgotten about you! Please wait for me! Your request is halfway done! @narutobandgeek , Yes, yours will be getting a second part, just gimme a bit and I'll get it done!) So for those that wish to be tagged, let me know :) I don't want to spam anyone! :(
I'll send out a notification of when I'll begin to publish Foreign Flower again! Until then, stay healthy, stay wonderful, and stay positive!
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I am still clueless who that guy is... though my gut is telling me it is TOP.. but then the one who tucked her hair earlier was GD... aissssh @sailynn u r killing me!! 😜😜😘
UGGHHH THAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope its gd because he can be the shy underdog that really didnt say much but she had a huge impact on him. or it can be Daesung because he can seem happier with her and make her happy when she is down UGHHH THE FEELS
I'm seriously going to kick ur ass! 😡😬😠😡😬😠😡😬😠 Oh, where are all the smileys that say I'm kidding?
So before anything else, can we please know when the season 2 will be out? Just give me the month, it's does not have to be true. When I was expecting something to happen,you just keep tormenting my inner fan girl. I really love ur work. Kamsahmida😄😄
*applause* seriously THE BEST novel I've ever read, SERIOUSLY! And knowing there's a second season?!?!? When I read the end I was THAT CANT BE THE END WTF THERES SO MANY MISSING THINGS AND I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS LIKE WHAAAA?!!?! But then I saw the second season announcement so I was like yay! :p 😂😂 anyway, thank you so much for this novel, I enjoyed reading it and the feels you brought me it's just....a breath of fresh air, you know? To read a really awesome story again, one of the stories that makes me squeal and curl my toes 😅😅 I honestly can't thank you enough you worked so hard, KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR OTHER PROJECTS IN THE FUTURE! FIGHTING! 💕👏🏻👏🏻😍💋 Btw you can use the term author-chan whenever you like 💕😊
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