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Now this is one funny mom!

When her son sent her this cardboard cutout of himself before leaving Tennessee to study in London, she made sure that she wouldn't waste a perfect opportunity. Susan Talley a.k.a Mom thought instead of letting her cardboard son Dalton Ross sit around, she'd just bring him everywhere with her instead. And so she did by taking him to the park, to Subway, and even bringing him to work. Talley went above and beyond by snapping some adorable photos of him around the house and throwing him a get together with his friends, talk about a nice thing to do!
Although Ross has yet to reunite with his mom because he's over the pond, the internet has fallen in love with his mother while he's away instead. He did post the photos on his Imgur profile ienjoybread writing, "Jokingly sent my mom a cutout of myself while I'm studying abroad. She seems to be entertaining herself with it." 99% of the comments online have been overwhelmingly positive commending the mother on her hilarious sense of humor and making the best of the situation.

So what do you think?

Hilarious or hilarious?

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Where have you been?! @butterfluBlu MISSED YOU
@marshalledgar I missed you, too! *Hugs* I had a huge family emergency and almost lost my mom. I've been juggling life plus nurse duties. How are you, sir?
sorry to hear @ButterflyBlu is she better? life gets complicated so quickly. Im good. nothing to report. Im gearing up for phase 2 in a couple months. 馃槀馃槂馃槃
@marshalledgar she's stable, but not mobile yet. We're getting there little by little. That's really been the lesson around here, I think: that life can change in an instant. :( smh. Phase 2?! I can't wait!! Lol do tell!! <3
You're so right @butterflyblu life as we know it can change in a flash. what comes after that can change the course of so many people. No one person is affected. As far as phase 2, it's an upper and lower bleph, more fillers and cheekbone implants. Phase 3 is a forehead reduction