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Today I said goodbye to who was most likely the very smallest kpopper - my mom's canary, Mickey. I was ridiculously attached to this bird even though he wasn't mine. I frequently took care of him when my mom was out if town, and after my grandmother passed away he lived with me for about 4 months while my mom was out of state caring for my grandfather. He also stayed with me for a couple other brief stays. He loved music, and while he was living with me I noticed that he got really excited when kpop was on. My mom is not a kpop fan, but every time I went to her house after that I would play it for him. He was not doing well the last several months, and he had completely stopped singing, but when I played kpop he would hop around his cage chirping and trying to sing. Sadly, he passed away. I already miss my little kpop buddy immensely. He had great taste in music, and although he seemed to like all kpop, he especially liked ballads. The ones that could still get him excitedly hopping around his cage were:
EXO's Sing For You
BTS's Let Me Know - he especially loved Jimin's high note at the end, and would chirp and keep turning his head listening to it.
But his very favorite was Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips - he always got really excited when I put this on. Like I said, he had good taste :)
@CreeTheOtaku @ItsMari @Lexxcisco @Sailynn @SassyMaknae @SerenityThao @sarahdarwish @JaeneashaJones @VatcheeAfandi99 Thank you all so much! I know he's in a better place where he can sing along to all his favorite kpop 24/7 πŸ˜‰
@MsLoyalHeart @P1B2Bear Thank you 😊
@krin @PrincessUnicorn thank you. he really did have good taste in music, and I'm sure he's enjoying it in heaven - he has to be, because it just wouldn't be heaven without kpop! πŸ˜‰
@JamiMilsap @PassTheSuga @kpopandkimchi thank you guys so much 😊
Rest in Peace Mickey! Hope you're still singing somewhere else now :)
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