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(These are the shoes for this chapter. I just really like them so that's why I picked these ones) We drove back to town. He wanted to walk the streets so we put masks on. Although it was to hide his identity it was also to keep our faces warm. We held hands as we walked and it felt like we were a normal couple. No one was staring like they would have if he wasn't wearing a mask. We walked into a shoe store. "You want shoes?" I asked and he walked to one area and I followed. "(Y/n) how would you feel if we let people know we're dating?" He asked me while looking at a pair of nikes. "Well....wouldn't that effect you more than me?" "Maybe....if you had the choice...would you break up with me or stay with me?" "Where is this coming from? Of course I'd never break up with you. I know I'm not the strongest person...and I mean mentally." I had gotten in front of him and pulled his mask down. I placed my hands on his face so I could make him look at me. "Because of you I have finally started loving myself and I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I only care about what you think of me." "What about yourself?" He smiled "Well because of you I have started loving myself." He pulled my mask down. He pulled my face to his and our lips met. "I love you (y/n)" "I love you too Hoseok." "Hmm. What am I going to do with you?" He had his forehead pressed against mine. "I don't know maybe take me home and stay the night?" I giggled "Oh I plan on it." He pressed his lips to mine once again then backed up. "No I want more." I whined. "(Y/n) do you ever wonder why I'm with you?" He wasn't facing me now. "Yea sometimes. I mean you could have anyone and yet you chose me." "Since that day you bumped into me I just wanted to be by you. The idea of you wanting to die hurt me more than I thought. Once I debuted I was worried that you'd start hating me if I didn't talk to you like I did during my trainee days." I put my arms around him and back hugged him.He continued. "I know you had some demons you were fighting and so was I but you made them go away. I think we are just perfect for each other. I never want you to leave my side." "I wont leave until you tell me too." I said into his shoulder. "Even if we end up fighting, please never leave." He turned around and I saw the water forming in his eyes. I wiped at his eyes. "Why are you crying? Don't ever think I'm leaving so easily" "Sorry it just happens when I think of you. Ok now that I've gotten that off my chest....what do you think of these shoes?" He quickly switched moods. "Ha I like them." "Ok what size do you wear?" "8" "Alright I'll be back." He took the shoe and walked over to the lady at the counter. She then went off and came back with 2 boxes. "Why 2?" I asked and He turned to me smiling. "Let's try them on." We sat down and he opened my box and he handed mine to me then he opened the second and I saw they were a bigger size. He put his on then stood up. He held his hand out to me and I grabbed his. We stepped in front of a mirror. "I realized we don't have any couple outfits so I thought shoes would be perfect." "Really!" "Yea and just like I thought they look good on you." "I'm so happy" I turned to him smiling. "Now you can't run away from me. Ok?" He started ruffling my hair. "You got me shoes....I can't run in them?" I laughed " I get it we are official to the world right" His smile fell. "You know already?" "Well yea isn't that what wearing couple items mean?" "(Y/n)...." He got interrupted by the lady asking for a payment. He walked away toward the counter and paid. I walked over and took his hand in mine. I don't know why but I was worried. "You two are so cute together" the lady said. "Thank you!" I smiled looking at Jhope and he was smiling at me. "I'm a lucky guy." He said grabbing his card back. Before we left the store I put his mask back on him. "Let's go for a coffee ok?" "Ok" I said letting him lead the way. He knew where there was a nice coffee shop. We went to the farthest corner where there wasn't anyone. "Ok (y/n) I'm going to tell you something and If you don't like it you can just tell me and I'll fix it." "What are you trying to say?" "Well after today........"
Sexy beast!!!! Gosh damn! How did you like this? I was trying to hold off longer but I just couldn't!!!!!! I really hope you guys like what is to come...but it's getting more intense!!!!!
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noooo!!!!😱😱 Why you do that??😭😭 What is he going to say?? I'm so scared about what hobi is going to say! I'm all nervous now!! don't be messing with my feels right know girl!!😊
Cliffhanger again 😭😭
Well after today.....?! WHAT??!! GGAAHHHH!! You're killing me here!! lol
Why do you extend my agony??!!! 😭😭😭
I'm dying to know what he has to say!!
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