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Cheesy line or smooth talking?

Anna Kendrick put herself out there and so did Kellan Lutz.
On Monday night Kendrick tweeted her need for a 'strapping muscular man' to help her cut her butternut squash. Lutz took the opportunity to ask her what kind of knife she was using, you know, just in case she needed assistance. Kendrick's question got over 41,000 likes on Twitter with hundreds of comments but she didn't respond to Lutz...yet.
Maybe she's not interested?
Kendrick, 30, and Lutz, 31, are close in age and they are both largely successful actors, Kendrick more than Lutz. But nonetheless, they'd make a really beautiful couple if she were to engage back into his online flirting. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.
What do you think of his pickup line?

Kendrick's tweet.

Lutz's response.

I also thought, what celebrity broadcasts that they're ALONE at home? hahaha
I like this!! haha it's not overly flirty, but just the right amount of cute. it'd be cuter if they got that together.
@marshalledgar Hahaha. Omg. Yesss. Exactly!
@marshalledgar I agree! She should've. This would have been an entertaining conversation on social media to read, but I secretly feel that she then texted him to keep their "business" private instead of all over Twitter. Hahah. So who knows? She may not have been alone that night anymore hahah
She should have responded. She just left him hanging there. ugh. hahaha
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