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Your dad had gone to the dorm to pick you up; you weren’t there and your group members had tried to cover for you by telling him that you were practising hard at the training centre. But instead of a hard-working daughter, he had found you entangled with a tall, handsome boy. Dating is against the rules.
*You sit in an awkward silence in the back of your dad’s car; you can feel his intense gaze as he glares at you in the rear-view mirror. Minho had made a hasty retreat as soon as he realised explaining the situation wasn’t going to work. You watch the lights of passing traffic through the window as the daylight fades into darkness.*
[AP] …I knew letting you become a trainee was bad news… wait until your mother hears about this… shouldn’t have let you stay in dorms…
*You sit sulking in the back of the car; you were 18… an adult… perfectly capable of looking after yourself. You let your dad ramble on angrily whilst you check your text messages.*
[Soojin] - Your dad is on his way! He turned up without warning…
[Minho] - I’m sorry! This is all my fault! Please call me…
[Minho] - Are you okay? Call me soon, okay?
[Eunji] - Is everything okay? What happened?!
[Minho] - Fuck… I should have been more careful… call me.
*You feel a pang in your chest. Whatever the outcome of this was… you could tell that it wasn’t going to be good.*
*You couldn’t believe that only a week ago everything had been going perfectly; it was like a dream. You had barely spoken to your group members or… anyone else. Your parents had confiscated your phone. Even the weather reflected your mood. You had already visited the training centre to talk to your members. All that was left was to pick up your things from the dorm.*
[AP] I’ll be waiting here…
*You don’t respond to your father; instead you amble like a zombie up to your dorm. You pause at the front door and rest your head against the door frame. You eventually gather up the energy to go in; the familiar scent of the dorm welcomes you home and envelopes you in a hug. You leave your shoes at the door and wander through the corridor to the room you shared with Seoyeon. Nothing had changed. But everything had changed. You begin to gather up your things and attempt to hold yourself together.*
[MH] Y/N?
*You drop the pile of clothes you’re holding and turn around in shock. Just the sight of Minho is enough to make you burst into tears. His confused voice almost knocks you down.*
[MH] Seoyeon said you’d be here… w-why are you packing your things?
*You stand there frozen. Surely this was a nightmare? You scoop up the clothes that you’d dropped and place them on your bed. You fold them quietly with your back turned to him…. how could you tell him?*
[MH] Why haven’t you been answering your phone?
[Y/N] …my parents… confiscated it…
*You bury your face in your hands. You hear Minho stepping towards you and you put a hand out to stop him. He pushes it out of the way and pulls you into his arms.*
[MH] What’s going on? I’ve missed you… I’ve been worried.
*You let yourself sink into his chest; your usual spot where you fit perfectly. He wraps his muscular arms around you and for a moment everything is back to normal.*
[Y/N] I’m… I’m leaving YG…
*You take a step back away from Minho’s embrace to observe his reaction. He freezes and looks confused. Your heart beat increases… how could you hurt him? Minho speaks quietly after a long silence.*
[MH] …why?
*You gulp nervously and stand there silently.*
[MH] is it my fault?
*Minho’s hands reach for you again; there’s a sense of desperation as he holds onto your sides… you can’t even look him in the eye.*
[Y/N] no… no… my parent’s just think it’s… for the best if I pursue… a different path…
[MH] your parents? what about you? this is your dream…
*You bite your lip and try to hold back your tears as Minho’s tone becomes more heated.*
[Y/N] maybe it’s time I look for a new dream…
[MH] what does that even mean?!
*You try to turn back to packing your things but Minho pulls you to face him. He holds you by the shoulders. You stare down at the floor.*
[Y/N] Minho… I need to pack…
[MH] fuck packing, Y/N. I need you to talk to me… you’re just giving up because your parents told you to?
[Y/N] I don’t have a choice, okay?!
*You shout back as tears start to gather in your eyes.*
[MH] so you’re just leaving? you have so much potential…
[Y/N] it’s for the best! for both of us!
[MH] both of us?!
*Minho stops and looks at you confused.*
[Y/N] You can concentrate on your debut now… no distractions.
[MH] you think you’re a distraction? Y/N… you keep me sane.
*You bury your face in the t-shirt that you’re holding. Your sobs surprise Minho and he tries to comfort you.*
[MH] don’t worry… look, even if you leave the company… we can still be together… I’ll find time to see you…
*You look up at Minho; a sad smile spreads across your tear-stained face.*
[Y/N] my parents have found me a position in a fashion design company… um… it’s quite a big name actually…
[MH] and do you want to do that?
[Y/N] I mean… I’d like to try it… I suppose…
[MH] then great! we’ll work through this, figure it out.
*Minho pulls you into an embrace, kissing your forehead, stroking your hair. All you want to do is snuggle with him and let him tell you that everything’s going to be okay.*
[Y/N] Minho…
*Even you can hear the pain in your voice as you clutch at his t-shirt trying to remember every detail; the lines of his firm torso, the way his big hands held you… his scent.*
[MH] what? what can possibly be left?
[Y/N] the position… is in England…
*Your heart breaks as Minho’s hands slowly fall away from you, stunned. You feel the atmosphere change… Minho was angry.*
[MH] and you’re going? …what about me? us? am I just not a part of your ‘new dream’.
[Y/N] I have to go…
*Every cell in your body needed to hear the words ‘stay’, ‘please don’t go’… you needed an excuse to escape.*
[MH] I see.
*And then your whole world collapsed.*
omg guys this chapter gets to me....
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awe poor Mino....
awe. say u will see me wen u come back
Noooo! Don't leave Minho!!