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My Waifu for this Battle themed Waifu Wednesday is definitely Furan Takaki. Gorgeous, comes across, to me at least, as an adorable Tsundere, and she is a lesbian, apparently, which is hot as hell... ugh, I don't even know where to begin.
Beautiful. @hikaymm
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Her hair is so interesting XD
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ISN'T IT THO? And she let's it down, and removes her glasses at times while using her Maken to snipe like a boss. OH and she is from Maken-ki, I realised just know that I forgot to include what she was from.
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@worldofelites19 Thanks for the info ^^
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@hikaymm I was actually torn between Furan-Hime and Himegami Kodama, also from Maken-ki, but alas, it's not Harem WW yet XD
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@worldofelites19 You have time to prepare for that :P
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