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Angel vs. Demon pt.3

Summary: You are a demon sent to the surface to collect souls, but the angel, Yixing, proves to make it a bit challenging.
Member: Yixing x Reader (appearances by other members and idols)
Type: Angst/drama/ demon!au/ angel!au
Length: 1,412 Words
You placed your fingertips on your lips. You could still taste the angel’s lips against yours. They were as soft as you could have imagined they would be. He was an angel after all. The sweet honey like taste that lingered on your lips made you subconsciously run your tongue over your bottom lip. But is he an angel? You asked yourself as you thought about what he had said. “You will leave the surface, or I will personally force you back to the underground. Have you ever wondered what happens to your soul when you die on the surface?” The tone of voice he used while addressing you; it was nothing like what you would have imagined from a servant of heaven.
However, the thought of his viper grip on your wrist and his thorny voice made your body shudder. He was nothing as you would have expected. With his sweet face, kind eyes, soft skin, you would have thought he would be polite and nothing but forgiving. But he was proving to be something completely different. There was a darkness inside him that made you grin. You were back in your same tree from earlier, staring at the same stars that shone above you. But even as you stared at the stars, your mind remained on the boy.
Before going out that night, you looked up at the darkness and felt as though you were back in the underworld. You imagined the stars as the same yellow eyes you had; the eyes of hundreds of demons staring down at you expectantly. But now as you stared at it, you had an uncomfortable feeling that the sky above you was less of hell and more of heaven. The shining stars like the souls of angels; trying to evaporate the darkness with their light.
You squirmed, pulling yourself off of your tree and towards the ground. You laid on the soil like a corpse. You didn’t want to stare at the sky anymore. You didn’t want to see the light. You didn’t want your mind to continue to think about him.
Yixing. You had heard it once from the boy you first attempted to take. Since then, the name had floated around inside your head. You didn’t dare speak it though. But as you lied with your face against the dry dirt, you felt a sudden urge to try. “Yixing.” You breathed out the word. You just wanted to feel it in your mouth. You wanted to know what it would be like to let the word roll off your tongue. It was like acid though. The taste of it was worse than the dirt that was beginning to enter your mouth. You closed your eyes again, letting images of your ‘home’ enter your mind in order to replace the image of the angel in the alleyway.
The next time you opened your eyes, it was to the brighter sun instead of the stars. You pulled yourself off the ground, brushing the dirt off of your human clothes. The sun was burning hot today compared to the day before. You loved the feeling, reminding you of the fire you were so accustomed to. You snapped your fingers, changing your human clothes so that you were now wearing a simple red crop top, showing off your midriff, and a pair of black shorts that reached your mid-thighs. You remained with the same black sneakers, figuring you may be on your feet for a while today in search of three more souls.
You were about to zoom back into the city, but something inside was nagging at you to simply walk it. You began to walk towards the city, taking the ‘scenic’ route through the forest. The path was winding, filled with animals that quickly ran from you, flowers that seemed to almost die as you passed them, and the wind stilled against you. You liked it though. The fear and death that seemed to follow you reminded you of who you were. It took away any lingering doubts you had during the night, the imagery of heaven and the angel. You were about to whisper the name again, but the memory of the acidic taste made you stop yourself.
“Stop right there.” A voice called out from a few feet ahead. You looked up in shock, not moving as your eyes fell upon a boy who stood in front of you. The boy was tall, wearing a blue trench coat, despite the heat, and a brown sun hat. He had lanky legs and arms that seemed to move awkwardly as he took hesitant steps towards you. He had his hands out in a gesture that was telling you to not move. You didn’t. “Just look at that. Isn’t it sad?” He asked as he stared down at the ground.
Your eyes trailed down and you saw what he was staring at. There was a small bluebird lying on the ground. It squirmed on the ground, trying to get up but being unable to. You tilted your head at the small creature. You knew that its arm was broken and you could tell that it was attempting to escape you. There was an aura about demons that made them want to run as fast as they possibly could from you.
The boy stared at it and started to move towards it. An animal lover. You noted in your mind. You knelt down, bending in a certain way that let your crop top fall forward and giving the boy a clear view of your cleavage. You scooped up the bird carefully. “He is a sweetie, isn’t he?” You asked as you approached the boy. You looked at him and held the bird out for him to see it. He had a sad face. “You know, I’m sure we could help it.” You said in a voice filled with temptation.
He looked at you in confusion but also hopeful eyes. Hope, such a gullible emotion. You smiled at him, keeping your eyes innocent. “How would we do that?”
“Well, if you say your name, and make a promise to aid it. I’m sure we could heal it. You do want to heal it right, Mr….” You let the words trail off as you waited for him to say his name.
“Oh, I’m Chanyeol. Chanyeol Park. And you?” He asked as he held out his hand towards you.
You ignored the question completely. Instead, you brought the attention back to the bird. “And, Chanyeol, would you really want to see this bird healed? Do you believe in miracles?”
The perplexed look on his face remained unchanged. He stared at the bird again. Its breath became shallowed and it seemed to almost cry out in pain. You stared at it as well, squinting your eyes as you used your demonic powers to squeeze it with an invisible force. The bird twitched more, trying to escape your touch or simply die. “Yes, oh gosh. Yes, I want to see it healed.” He said quickly and desperately.
The smile that crossed your face was nowhere near as innocent as it had started. “Would you place your own safety and soul on the line for the pour animal?” You asked as you squeezed at the bird harder. The boy nodded his head, almost reaching out to take the small creature from your hands. “Would you sell your soul?”
He paused for a moment, but he was clearly desperate to give this bird some sort of solvation. “Yes, I guess I would sell my soul for it.” He said, clearly speaking figuratively. But whether he said it full heartedly or not, the words were all you needed. You smiled at him and closed your hand tightly around the bird. When you opened your hand again, the blue creature flew out of it and towards the boy and pass him. You both followed the bird through the sky with your eyes and to little surprise, you saw it stop. It landed right on Yixing’s shoulder and remained there. He looked at you with hard eyes as the bird twitched its head. It looked almost as though the bird was whispering all the cruel things you did to it to the angel. You smirked at him, patting Chanyeol on the arm.
“It was nice doing business with you.” You told the boy as you kept your eyes on the angel. Another victory for hell.
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1st Minseok now Chanyeol...
omg I'm so freaking excited to know what will happen next! Good job! 😀😍😍
the feels are everywhere why are messing with my feels why 😢😢😢😢 and why did chanyeol hive her his soul why 😢😢😭😭 great story tho I love it can't wait for part 4 😣😣😫😫😫😖😖
2 more to go.. but I'm wavering.. no good... gotta stay strong... if not, no more fun.
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