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Want to know how much I love Tajín?

Well, for starters, as I'm writing this card, I've got a bottle of Tajín sitting in front of me - mostly because I just finished sprinkling it all over a bowl of strawberries, but also because, if I'm going to be making a love confession, the object of my tastebud affection should be there to witness this, right?

So, what IS Tajín?

Tajín (ta-HEEN) is a Mexican seasoning made out of chili pepper, salt, and lime, which is customarily put on fruit and vegetables, but can be used in 10,000 other ways too.

This stuff is so addictive that there's a reminder on the label that you're not actually supposed to eat it like candy.

Tajín will completely change the way you eat watermelon. (Yo, you haven't had watermelon until you've had it spicy.)

And where would a chamango (chamoy + fresh mango smoothie) be without a grip ton of Tajín sprinkled on top?

Can't get your kids to eat their vegetables? Throw some Tajín on that ish and try again!

And Tajín is just about the sexiest thing you can do to a cold beer. (It's almost Michelada season, y'all!)

Does your popcorn and/or corn on the cob need a little extra spice? Tajín will upgrade it - no problem.

If you can dream it, Tajín can do it for you. (Yes, even cotton candy, you Tajín-obsessed savages.)

So how many of you are also in love with putting Tajín on everything? Who hasn't tried Tajín before and suddenly really wants to?
Let me know how YOU do Tajín in the comments below!
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@gempulido11 REALLY?? I wouldn't have thought about that at all.
@JocelynPacheco That's a sweet trick. I kept trying to get it to stick to my strawberries, and it wouldn't do it that well lol.
yes, I got it from my co workers. now anytime any of us have mini carrots, we bring out the tajin haha @danidee
@gempulido11 Trying that this weekend for suuuure.
😊👍👍 @danidee