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This is a phrase we hear so often in Kpop:



I don't know!

잘 (jahl) means "well" so 잘 몰라 means to not know well :)

You have three teachers today to help you pronounce it!

Listen at 0:16!

나도 날 잘 몰라

(na-do nal jal moh-la)

I don't know myself either.

Listen at 0:23

난 몰라!

(nan moh-la)

I don't know!

Listen at 1:11

내가 왜 사는지 난 몰라

(naega wae sa-neun-ji nan moh-la)

I don't know why I live like this

Can you think of other times you've hear this used?!

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I heard it in taeyangs song "I need a girl" when gdragon rapped the "I love girls, girls I do adore" he then raps somewhere in that verse 아잉 난 몰라요
In dramas!
in fx's NU ABO
this series is awesome for both learning Korean phrases... and expanding my kpop repertoire
I always hear that phrase whenever I listen to Fun Boys!!!!