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Summary: Sehun gets jealous when he sees you with another boy
Members: Sehun X You
Type: Angst, School!AU
Length: 1,345 words
You loved Chemistry class because you got to work with him.
Sehun was an enigma to you, but he was a mystery that you wanted to solve. He was usually quiet and he didn’t seem to care very much for his studies, but he was still smart and could easily pass the multiple experiments your teacher threw at your class. When you were first assigned to work with him, you couldn’t entirely say that you were happy due to the glares his female flock of followers sent you. However, you were pleasantly surprised to find that he was polite, kind, and he didn’t need to rely on you for the answers. The reason why you were so skeptical at first was his reputation, and you honestly judged him by that before you got the chance to actually know him. He was a part of a group called EXO, and they were definitely the most popular and attractive boys in the whole school. Outside of his bubble consisting of money, looks, and girls fawning over him, he didn’t seem to interact much with the environment or care for anyone. You obviously felt bad when he began to crack jokes to break the ice and ask you how you were, smiling the entire time as the two of you laughed and ignored the assignment completely.
Thankfully, the two of you had a substitute teacher for the day who basically hinted at the fact the packet he handed out wasn’t going to be collected, so you and Sehun pretty much talked the entire class instead of actually doing any work. You felt as though he was already a friend despite the two of you didn’t see each other outside of the Chemistry classroom, and you could tell by the way he looked at you that he felt the same way. He had stopped to talk to you a few times at the end of the day at your locker, however a member of EXO would usually march up to him and pull him away, telling him that he had some sort of event to attend. You would be lying to yourself if you continued to try and believe that you didn’t have feelings for him, but at the same time you didn’t want to like Sehun. If you dated him, your reputation would be stained and his “fans” would certainly target you, not only that but why would he choose you out of all the girls at the entire school? You didn’t think you were special enough to have the title of his girlfriend.
The two of you were at your lab table when you were surprised to find that a few girls who were avid followers of Sehun approach him. You looked up from your doodles to find that they had assorted boxes of pockey clutched in their hands as they shyly presented it to him as giggles slipped uncontrollably from their mouths. You wanted to say that they weren’t just putting on an act for him, but it was painfully obvious from how rude and distant they were normally to you. It was almost terrifying how they could practically step on someone yet treat someone else like a god. You were unimpressed as you merely went back to drawing, and Sehun silently accepted the candy after saying a mere, “Thanks.” The girls seemed to literally be incapable of laughing as they shuffled away, and you found an almost awkward silence to linger between the two of you after the event occurred.
“Do you…like Peppero Day?”
His sudden question slightly caught you off guard as you looked up to find him not facing you and instead stacking the boxes of candy. You then realized that it must have been the infamous day, the day where people who liked each other exchanged boxes of peppero - or pockey. Your cheeks slightly heated up as your heartbeat pounded in your ears and you shrugged your shoulders, never having celebrated the day due to the fact you had never liked someone. A smile slowly tugged at your lips as you nodded in the direction of all the candy he had already recieved, and you commented upon how he must enjoy the day due to the fact he recieved a years worth of peppero. Sehun laughed a little with you, but he seemed conflicted as he looked down at his paper and his voice died down and his shoulders shrugged as well. He didn’t say anything else during the rest of the class until you bid him farewell and you went to lunch to eat with your friends.
Your thoughts clouded your mind as you turned a corner and accidentally bumped into another girl, who dropped her books to the ground. You gasped as you kneeled and eagerly helped her, apologizing profusely as you recognized her face. She was one of the prettiest and most popular girls, and you respected her so much due to the fact she was extremely smart and she was always nice to everyone she met. You had also seen her with another member of EXO, but you weren’t too concentrated on learning their names. She told you that it was no problem, and once you had given her all of her belongings back, a smile lit up her face as she recognized you as Sehun’s friend. You laughed softly and nodded, telling her you knew her as the girl who was the leader’s friend. The two of you talked for a little bit more and you promised to meet in the library some time, you were certain that you would get along very well.
The rest of the day was spent quite normally, during most of your classes your thoughts would usually drift towards Sehun, but you forced yourself to focus on the task at hand. When the bell finally rang that signaled the end of the school day, you were happy to approach your locker and open it as the hallway cleared of students and staff members. You were surprised when you suddenly saw someone lean up against the neighboring locker out of the corner of your eye, but when you turned to face the male student, you couldn’t say that you were surprised. Jungkook was a member of another group in the school called BTS and they were notorious for not getting along with EXO. You never had anything against either of them because you simply didn’t care for the rivalry, however Jungkook could get annoying at times with his constant flirting. You groaned and rolled your eyes as you continued to remove and place different binders in your locker, demanding to know what you owed him this time.
Jungkook laughed softly as he clicked his tongue and cut right to the chase, asking you if you’d accompany him to approaching Winter Formal, however you were also quick to reject him. If it was a normal situation, you would feel bad as you said no, but Jungkook had been forcing himself on you for the past few days and you were sick of his presence. He saw your denial as a game to try and win you over, but you still continued to say no and attempt to convince him that you merely weren’t interested. What happened next though, caused your eyebrows to furrow together in confusion, “Come on baby, is it because of Sehun?” You looked at him once more, and you were shocked when he cupped your chin and brought you close to him.
You were even more shocked when you heard someone clear their throat.
You then turned to find none other than Sehun with a box of pockey in his hand, and he was looking down at his feet as he then looked back up at you. “Sorry for interrupting. I know that you’re not really into Peppero day but…I thought I would try.” His voice was weak and quiet and you felt your heart snap in half as he dropped the box to the ground and turned away.
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