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Someone had the bass turned up so that the booms from the song could be heard all the way down the hall. It’s the first day of Spring Break, you and all your friends are free for a solid nine days. You don’t care if the beat is too loud, or if your friend is singing horribly off key. No school is the best! You all intend spending the whole night at the karaoke bar, because why not? You don’t have to set an alarm in the morning.
A group of guys have been knocking on your karaoke room door for the last ten minutes. Dismissing that it will be rude to just walk in, they totally do. Everyone stops and stares at each other. The guy who opened the door seems to be the one in charge.
“Excuse me,” he begins, “there are no more rooms. Mind if we join you?”
You and your friends look at each other but it really isn’t a question right? Seven hot Asian guys just walked in and want to join your karaoke room? HOT DAMN, YES! From the smiles on each of the girl’s faces, the guys realize it is a yes. They start taking seats around the room. The leader guy walks over to the machine and turns the bass down.
“Hey!” is a chorus from your friends. He just turns and gives a thousand watt smile.
“What? You really expect us to be in here with hot babes and not at least introduce ourselves? Or do we need introducing?”
A collective moan comes from the guys as all the girls look at each other and shrug.
“Seriously? Wow, I’m injured.” The leader says, dramatically putting his hand over his chest and squeezing his eyes closed.
There were barely any brain cells left to begin the night with; what with final exams. You figure from the look on your friend’s faces that you probably have the most functioning ones at this time.
“So, who are you guys? Some big celebrities or something?”
This generates a real heartfelt laugh, “or something,” he says as he winks.
He smiles over at his mates, “Let me introduce us. I’m JiHo, that’s Taeil, Minhyuk, Jaehyo, Yukwon, Kyung, and JiHoon. And you sexy ladies are?”
You aren't sure if your friends can even remember their own names. “I’m [YN], this is Jinny, Elisha, Faith, Missy, Katelyn, and Seulbyul. Are you guys from around here?”
“Around here, yes.” His smile has gotten bigger and you are now sure there is some big secret they are keeping from you. Something that should be obvious, but nothing you can put your finger on.
Whether it was just were people sat or what, pretty soon everyone has broken off into twos. That leaves you with Jiho. He isn’t any trouble to look at. If it weren’t so dark in the room you would have decided that you actually like looking at him. As it is, all you can make out is a general body shape, spiky hair, and those really straight, white teeth.
“Sing with me,” he states and hands you a microphone.
Why not? It’s the reason you’re here after all.
The minute the song starts he groans, “It’s in English!”
You laugh, “Well duh, that’s what we speak.” You just shake your head at him and start singing. He lets you sing almost everything; wait, you thought this was a duet?
When the rap starts, he begins. He stumbles over the words best he can. He throws back his head and howls in frustration, all the guys on the couch are giving him a horrible time. “I don’t read English that fast!" He walks over and hands the microphone to the one he called Yukown; “You try it!” Yukwon refuses, “I don’t read English at all,” he laughs fully in Jiho’s face.
Growling he stalks back over to you. “Do I have to sing in English?”
You simply shrug, what do you care? From what you can tell, he can’t sing anyway.
Ready to have some fun? I'm kind of excited for the sass of this one! Let me know if you don't want to be tagged.
can I end up with one, preferably zico, if not p.o. will do lol thank u for putting me here
I have a feeling this is going to be good! I also like that character Seulbyul already... Her name is pretty ;)
pleas tag me on the rest of the parts please I love this and how can she not see it's block b ( if they're idols in this story ) is she out off it that much to not notice them lol ☺☺😁😁😁
please tag me in the next one
Oh good! Lol! Now I won't be so confused :) can't wait to see what happens next!
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