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I know it's just a few day lull but I was so sad when I realized both Prince of Stride & ERASED wouldn't on this week :(

I am Natsu here.

I quickly filled that hole in my heart (no Prince of Stride whyyyy) by continuing my journey of watching alllllll of Fairy Tail (still quite a bit to go)! I can't wait for the spring anime season to get going already -_-
If you want to join a bunch of us in writing First Episode preview cards for the new season that starts later this week, check this out!!!

How do you kill time when waiting for more anime?

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@hikaymm oh, ok. I'm just going to wait for that Fairy tail to come out then
2 years ago·Reply
I rewatch anime! Right now I'm rewatching 2 animes i really enjoyed: Engaged to the Unidentified and L'cordo D'oro Primo passo!
2 years ago·Reply
@alliepetey Good idea hahah :) I'm just waiting for new things >< but there finally are some so yay!!
2 years ago·Reply
archery I kill time with shooting the shiz out of a car seat box
2 years ago·Reply
@Tomoki I own a claymore, but I too self conscious to use it during the day
2 years ago·Reply