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I write fanfics and I'm not ashamed

I don't know if some of you guys know this. Maybe because I write imagines. I am a fanfic writer. I have my own account on AFF. I'm not ashamed (maybe sometimes a little). Some of you guys may not like fanfics or imagines, and that's okay. Some of you love it, and that's okay too. I don't mind your preference, but please respect me and what I do (I don't write anything bad). Recently I've been told the worst thing I can ever hear. To stop writing fanfics. That if I want to get anywhere with my writing than it's best to stop. I've stopped writing because for a moment in my life, I was lost. So many things happened that I was lost and couldn't get my life together. Now I'm backand better than ever. The reason I even started writing was that same reason. I was lost at some point and K-Pop glued my life together. On top of that I liked writing so I thought, "why not?" I'm working on 3 major stories right now. I have a writer buddy so I thought it was okay for her to proof read it. Wrong. I just wanted to find my writing style and for her to help me. She didn't like the idea of me writing. She thinks I don't take writing seriously (she wants to be a writer). I take writing so seriously and all my friends know that. It hurts me so much to even hear that. The reason I write is to help me. To be very honest, I'm not very good at expressing myself and that's the perfect way to do it. What I'm trying to get at is: Don't tell people what to do and don't shatter their dreams. I'm so tired of people doing it to me. It really hurts. Well I'm not going to let that happen.
So I'm going to continue what I love
Honestly, you shouldn't let anyone hear your plans because most will object as they have different thoughts than you. I, too, tried to write a story with the help of a friend, but she has a different style of writing as mine and I ended up upset because nothing was coming out as I WANTED it. If writing is all you have as a help to release, then do what you wanna do! People can't tell you what you have to do and I'm glad your not letting people's comments get to you! Fighting!!
Do it! As a writer and a fanfic writer I am proud of you! Never let anyone else tell you what to do with your life.
Why feel ashamed of what people may think? I get bad comments all the time but it doesn't bother me bc I'm doing what I love and if somebody doesn't like it then that's their problem. Writing is how I express myself and my feelings. Its something that's become like a second nature to me. I wouldn't stop even if the whole world told me too. And I'm glad you aren't either.
Regardless of how people look at it, Fan Fiction is completely creative, its an art. No one can tell you that your art isn't "correct" or "serious" enough. Write to make yourself feel good, write to express yourself, write to write. Keep doing what you're doing!
And I also have trouble with self express so if you ever want to talk or about a fanfic I'm all ears i like reading and writing and I love helping someone reach their dream
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