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I didn't write this, but I might as well have.

As a lot of you may know, I just started watching Fairy Tail recently, and I sort of am totally in love with it!!! But I didn't want to love it, and I didn't even want to watch it for a really long time.


Well, like that person wrote above, its SO long. Now, I don't have a problem with Bleach or Naruto necessarily, but I don't typically watch ANYTHING that crosses over like 40 episodes. I just can't do it! I like conclusions & getting to the end too much to deal with it, and I thought that I'd feel the same frustration I feel with longer shows with Fairy Tail.
I also just....didn't think I'd like it? I don't know why, but nothing about the anime or what I saw about it initially made me think I'd enjoy it.

I'm happy to say I was totally 100% wrong!!!

Fairy Tail isn't as silly as I thought it was. Sure, it's funny, there's jokes, there's a lot of fanservice-y romance stuff (don't argue with me on this lol, there is!) and there's a lot of fighting....which isn't really my style of anime. But somehow, all these things come together and I love it!

Probably because of all the LOVE.

Yep, LOVE. That's why I think I like this show so much. It's great to see people just caring so much for each other, and supporting each other through so much. I want to be this kind of person in my life & have these kind of caring relationships, so I think I can really connect to that.

Also, I'm pretty sure I was born to be a celestial mage. So there's that.

Anyways....I love Fairy Tail!!!
@hikaymm Plot... ;) Lol great card, and btw where are you at in the timeline?
This was so me, my boyfriend started watching it first and told me about it. I was like kewl it has magic so like Harry Potter??? Lol I still didn't want to watch it because I felt like it was in the same category as dbz, one piece, naruto, bleach, etc I loved them all but I hated how they'll drag out the fights. I ended up watching parts of it but really started watching it at the end of the Erza arc (I know that's not the name) and really got into it after that. I've never been so into an anime like FT before so I'm happy to have found the one anime that truly matters to me. Welcome to the guild Nakama 馃榿
I'm on the same page with you here. Before I started to watch Fairy Tail well the first time I heard of fairy tail (FT fans don't hate me) I thought the name was somewhat silly. But anyway, the reason is that when I saw anime with so many episodes I would immediately categorize it with Naruto and Bleach and that these anime would be the last I would watch NOT because I have anything against them but because of how long it is. Another reason is that the artwork isn't really my style. I'm more of a Black Butler and Vampire Knight style and somewhere along those lines. Just until this last December I didn't know what Fairy Tail was about. I actually thought it was about some thing with tails on some occasions, but then I joined Vingle and would see posts of Gray and thought "well he looks kinda nice" BUT HE'S ALSO HALF NAKED! And then I would see a youtuber cosplay as Erza. I thought why don't I give it a try? And boy I was hooked right on the first episode! I don't regret putting it off the list for so long because I got to watch it all in one go. And now that I had finally caught up Fairy Tail had stopped airing at the moment馃槩馃槩 But anyway I would recommend FT to anyone! Sorry for such a long comment!
OMG THANK YOU FOR TRYING FAIRY TAIL IT IS SO GREAT TO HEAR THIS!!! I had never even heard of FT when I started it bc at the time even tho I had watched a good amount of anime i had only watched on Netflix. When i was looking thru the anime on Netflix, FT came up of course and I thought "wow, looks kinda random...there's a pink haired guy as the picture lol" i looked at the description and i was like... magic... okay...will the action be good? will there be romance? comedy? deep feels? And as i found out...yes to all of those and more. Fairy Tail is my favorite anime and out of all the anime i have watched it has changed me the most. Please continue to watch it and believe me when I say the many episodes are worth it and shockingly, it manages to get even better with every arc. Some shows actually get boring imo as u get further into a long running series bc it gets repetitive, with nothing being added to the show in each new arc (i got so bored that i couldn't finish Inuyasha). Fairy Tail is the opposite of this. It manages to immerse you deeper into its world with every new arc and adds new characters, good and bad, magic, background/past, and possibilities for the future! I hope you FT watchers all feel the same way as I do! 馃槉
this is absolutely beautiful...how far are you in? @hikaymm
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