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It's only going to be three episodes, but I'm still excited for this show!
The episodes will be airing on April 6, April 12 and April 19. Here's the basic description:
"The "cross-dressing romance" centers around Ai Shizukuishi, a shy, plain girl with not-so-great grades and a secret. She posted videos of her dancing in male clothes onto Smile Dōga (an homage to the real-life streaming service Niconico Dōga, which literally means "Smile Video"), and she became a viral hit. Ai aims to beat Hayate, the "godly" "prince of dance" on Smile Dōga. However, her cross-dressing dances happened to catch the eye of an entertainment agency, so she makes her professional debut — in an idol unit with Hayate. On top of that, the two have to share quarters under the agency's rules."

I haven't read the manga, but just based on the image covers, the pretense looks kind of interesting!

I mean, I didn't expect it to be a girl cross dressing as a box idol XD And it's billed as romance....? Hmm....I love idols, and this could be pretty intriguing. Anyways, too bad that it's only three episodes considering there's quite a lot of the manga I heard, but still, three episodes is better with none! ;)
oooh interesting. when it said crossdressing I definitely thought it would be the other way around!
I have to look it up now, looks really interesting
o ya I'm reading it RN! yay for new anime!!