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WTH Wednesdays: 200 Pounds of Beauty

Okay, we know that the Korean entertainment industry is pretty open about their liberal use of plastic surgery, but this movie is insane.

Here's the breakdown:

Our leading lady is a pretty big girl, but she has an incredible voice.

She's a singer that stays backstage and has another idol pretend she's singing since our lead girl isn't physically "fit" enough to be an idol.
She's also a phone sex worker?! Like, she's sort of a prostitute but only...on the phone...hahahhaha
She's in love with a man that she works with, but after being humiliated because of her size for the last time, she uses all of her money to get basically a completely new body and face.

She's in recovery for years and when she comes out no one recognizes her.

She auditions to become a singer, and suddenly becomes a big star (no surprises here)

But then it comes out that she's totally faking her identity! People are PISSED!!! ALSO the man she's in love with finds out and is like "wth" (I won't ruin the plot so I'll stop here!)

I won't ruin the ending but its really, really interesting how they portray plastic surgery in this film!

You can check out the full thing Eng Sub here on Youtube :D

Who else thought this was...odd?

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@heidichiesa thank you ^_^
a year ago·Reply
before i started to watch k-dramas this movie was the first i saw cx thanks to my cousin
a year ago·Reply
That movie always make me cry but it's so good I have to watch it again and again I recommend this to everyone ❤️❤️❤️
3 months ago·Reply
I absolutely love this movie. I can watch it over and over again. plus I love singing along to Maria
3 months ago·Reply
was good I watched it years ago
3 months ago·Reply