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Subject: You always go to the library after school and Youngjae works there and one day you ask him for help finding a book and from then on he sort of admires you from afar while working? Length: 1,440 words Genre: Fluff

Dangit... where is it? you grumbled to yourself, searching for a book. Is this what I get for never going to the library? you joked. You glanced around, hoping someone would come to your rescue but alas, no one was in sight. You sighed to yourself and wandered around the library searching for someone to help you. The information banner plastered across a 10 foot long desk finally caught your eye as you shuffled on over. A guy around your age sat at the desk, typing as he glanced back and forth at a book and a computer. You cautiously walked forward, not sure if you were disturbing him or not. You quietly cleared your throat, hoping to make your presence known. When even that proved useless, you lightly tapped on the desk, slightly startling him. He jumped a bit in his seat before looking up at you. Sorry you whispered, feeling bad for embarrassing him. What can I help you with? he said with an exasperated smile, shutting his book. Sorry to bug you you answered, tucking your hair behind your ear, Im actually looking for this book you said slipping him a piece of scrap paper with some words scribbled on it. Ah...okay he took the paper in his hands, typing it into the same computer he was using. After a few clicks, he scribbled something down on the other side of the scrap. So this book is actually on reserve so we cant lend it out to you, but youre welcome to stay in the library as long as you want to read it he passed the paper over to you, And you can find it in the R4 aisle he motioned to the far right of the library. ...R4...? you said hesitantly. He chuckled to himself and stood from the desk, Ill show you he smiled. He walked from behind the desk and motioned for you to follow him. He didnt look that tall when he was sitting down but he actually was a lot taller than you wouldve imagined. Did he go here? How come Ive never seen him before? you thought to yourself. Here we are he motioned for you to enter the aisle, walking after you. He placed his finger at the edge of one shelf, mumbling the alphabet to himself before stopping on a book. Here it is he pulled it out and handed it to you. Ah, thank you so much! you smiled, holding the book in your hands. No problem he smiled. You flipped through a few pages and subconsciously followed him out of the aisle, looking for a place to sit and read. You looked up again and saw he was walking nearby but not beside you. Excuse me you whispered, You go to this school, right? you asked. He nodded in response. How come Ive never seen you before? you asked, tucking the book under your arm. Probably because Im only ever in here he motioned to the library, or in the music room he put his hands in his pockets. Oh...well, Im Y/N you introduced yourself, Whats your name? you smiled. Youngjae he took your outstretched hand for a handshake. Nice to meet you, Youngjae you smiled, Well... Im gonna go... read you motioned to the book as you reached the information desk. Alright he smiled, enjoy he nodded as he went back to his seat. You smiled back and headed to a table nearby, opening up the book and pulling a wad of post-its out, planning on spending a good portion of your day trying to soak up this 350 page book. It only took an hour or two for you to realize you wouldnt be able to read this entire book in one go. You looked at your watch and it was nearly 6pm. You shut the book and glanced around to find the library was pretty empty now. You packed up your belongings and headed back to the aisle to put the book back in its rightful place. You walked back out of the aisle and felt a bit uncomfortable by how quiet it still was. You quickly walked out and headed home. You returned the next day, hoping to get more of this book finished. You walked more confidently into the library this time, after having been there for what you deemed was long enough the day before and headed straight to the aisle you had visited less than 24 hours ago. You glanced around on your way and saw Youngjae at the desk. You stared at him hoping hed look up at you sometime. It only took a couple seconds before he looked up, surprised to find you there again, and shot you a small smile. You smiled back at him and gave him a small wave, earning you a nod in response. You walked off even more confidently now to get your book. You took the book and sat down at the spot you were at yesterday. Little did you know, you had piqued Youngjaes interest since speaking to him yesterday. Yesterday, he couldnt help but sneak a few glances over at you in your reading space. After the year of working at the school library and being disregarded as just an informational help person, he couldnt help but dislike some of his female peers. But you were different, you were approachable, nice, and pretty. When he got off his shift at work, he contemplated saying goodbye to you on his way out but he didnt want to creep you out so he decided against it. Even now, he hoped youd come back in today. When he looked up and found you strolling across the library, he couldnt help but feel a bit ecstatic to see you. Today, even, he wasnt sure if he should say goodbye to you again... you looked fully immersed in the book, scribbling notes furiously on the post-its you had surrounding your study area. So regretfully, he left again, without saying anything to you. The next day would be different, he thought to himself, If she comes back again... that is. If you did, hed take it as a sign of fate. It was when he was sitting at his computer desk, slaving away at the forms he had to file into the computer, that he took a stretching break to see you walking across the library again, waiting for him to acknowledge you. You waved at him this time, a smile spreading across his face as he saw your infectious smile. He waved back before you disappeared into the R4 aisle to get that book once again. Youngjae sighed to himself as he returned to the forms he had to manually type into the computer. Hours mustve passed and he was so close to finishing the forms. A light tap came upon the desk, startling faint-hearted Youngjae like once before. He looked up and was surprised to find you before him. Hey you smiled at him. Hey, how was your book? Finally finished up, you bookworm? he smiled. Yeah, fiiiiiiinally you sighed, Cant call myself a bookworm if it took me this long to finish up you laughed, How about you? Whatre you still doing here? Youre usually gone by the time I finish up you laughed light-heartedly. She noticed? Youngjae thought to himself. I had forms to enter today but Im on my last one Youngjae sighed with relief. Well, finish it up! Ill wait for you you smiled, leaning on the desk. He nodded and typed away quickly, finishing the last form on his to-do list. He scanned it over once to check for mistakes and hit the submit button. He powered down the computer and let out a long exhale, Done! he said relieved. You laughed and waited for him to depart from the desk before walking beside him towards the exit. Why dont you say goodbye if you leave before Im done? you pouted. I didnt wanna be a creep! he defended himself, surprised by the question. I thought we were friends, Youngjae you said in a fake, offended tone. Are we? he laughed. I thought so you shrugged. Well... Id like that he smiled widely, You seem really cool... and I really wanna get to know you he scratched the back of his neck, embarrassed by his sudden confession. Do you like ice cream? you asked randomly. Yes... he mumbled. Then lets go chat over some ice cream then you smiled widely, looping your arm in his, running out of the library.
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