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Lenster the gamer here.
I'll be putting up some games I like from now on.
This game holds a special place for me because of the attention paid to the graphics and animations of the chracters.
The game I'd like to introduce is called "Exit Hero", a zombie action-packed arcade game for iOS and Android.
Let's check out the video trailer of our Exit Hero in action. Some have mentioned this "Steve" the security guy looked like Louis CK.
Swipe in 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the characters. Simple enough, eh?
There are a variety of "Exit Heroes" available.
Including characters that look like the top leaders in America, Russia and N. Korea. And who can forget the potential future leader, the guy with the combover!
As with any games, where there are pros, there are cons. And Exit Hero is no exception.
The game takes up some space for iOS devices and it generates a fair amount of heat for Android devices.
It hasn't been too long since this game has launched, so these issues may be fixed soon enough, hopefully.
-Unique concept idea for the game
-Variety of characters
-Awesome music
-Global competition through rankings
-Takes up a lot of space for iOS devices
-Game not optimized
-Useful as a hand-warmer in cold weather (Like?)
Thank you all.
Interesting game. And great card! :)
this actually looks pretty intersting. it kind of reminds me of snake, but with obstacles
nice game...i would love to make a gameplay of this XD
It is like snake, but with a twist with zombies :)