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I swear GOT7 does this on purpose they release video after video to ruin my life and like my screenshot game is on point.
now I get a low view on that hip thrust??? omg JB be slaying me from a low angel! Someone get me a life alert!
Jackson faces in this picture is priceless lol and JB going into that thrust is just too much to handle right now lol. My little heart is about to give up.
And just when I thought things were bad I take this screenshot.... Mark doing a zombie walk....JB looking like he is saying "ya I slay girls what you gonna do about it uh!" and Youngjae in between this whole mess just slaying with his vocals.
Made my first meme because I need some way to express how I feel about this whole comeback...... and this screenshot I took just did it so well!!!
Support GOT7 video please and make sure to watch FLY M/V to keep giving GOT7 wins :) I also hope you liked my card and my first ever meme!
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WAE WAE GOT7! that all I gotta say
...oh gosh I think I just lost my virginity by watching this...
bless jyp
@JessicaVang Thank you @Bangtandoll I should try that i didnt know there was an option for that. i feel like my heart wont be able to handle it 馃槀馃槀馃槀 @joselynviveros GOT7 will do that to people lol @InnocentiaKishi And bless GOT7's parents for having them 馃槀馃憣
Ooooffff those hip thrusts though 馃構