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Greetings Beauties!

It's your hairstyle moderator HairConfetti here! I've been MIA for 6 months due to work and I recently had more spare time to contribute to this amazing community again! I don't post as much as I used to in the past since I'm busy with work and all, but I'll be sharing my latest hair obsessions, tips and trends regularly!

Community Shout Out:

Thank you for those who continue to show support to the cards I posted. I'm not a professional writer or the best at explaining things, so I am super encouraged when you guys shower my cards with love through clips, likes and comments! With that said, please also show these members some love as well for contributing to the community: @Jaileejailee @NellybugJohnson @alywoah @jordanhamilton @marshalledgar @amobigbang @boohoo @VeronicaArtino @humairaa @RitikaDas @stephosorio @GeGe21 @myguardian @VivianaMorales @RobynHope @OpalSmith @Erin1980 @lilelmo112 Also, thank you to those who recently liked or followed my collection: @SomesNateli @smilesrey22 @daceymiller3 @Yuvakrishna @AngelaMadatian @xxwriter389xx @tessiana5 @karinachavez360 @Mknight @KayyArzz @bigcitydreamer5 @blueviolin @bibochan23123 @HerosBells @hailss8 @janedoe14769919 @sammysam9 @AlineNayara @BekahSwenson @helloitsellen @AngelaThomas @Veautiful42 @alwaysinchicago @MollyWho @banaramana @SunshineNahoi @BreaWildflower

New to the Community?

We're all friendly & real people. We love to make new friends through talking about hair!

So, Introduce yourself and share your hair type in the comments below!

Get involved: 1. Use the community talk to ask for hair advise! 2. Write a review!
3. Share your current hair obsession.

Don't be shy and say hello! We love to mingle about everything from hair, beauty and yeah (secret) kpop obsessions.

♥ HairConfetti
you're very welcome! :)
@Jaileejailee @jordanhamilton Thanks guys!!! <3 @marshalledgar Looking forward to your guy's hairstyles!
Hi there. My name is Marshall. I am not a hair expert, just an enthusiast. I like braids and ponytails on gals. Especially for weddings, which is something I am into. I will be sharing some guy's hairstyles too. I like to see other Vinglers share their hair stories and pictures.
Welcome Back!!!!
@TessStevens Thank you! I try to cover interesting and useful tips.
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