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Alright, I haven't spazzed much about Homura very much here, but Homura is the perfect waifu for me to post on this Battle Edition of Waifu Wednesday!!
I love every version of Homura, because while her sacrifices are not necessarily made for the right reasons (depending on what side you're on :P), she goes through such an insanely amazing transformation through the series + 3 movies.

And through all of it: she's totally badass!

Every battle that Homura is in is just awesome, whether she wins or loses.

I don't want to go into too many spoilers, but what she does in the most recent movie is sooooooo awesome, too!

(again, whether you like her or not)

Also, her intelligence just makes her battle skills so much better!

Rock on with your bad self, Homura~

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-FuFuFu- How cute 馃槉. Do you think that your waifu can even think to take mine on? So naive. However I must admit that out of the 5 magical girls, Homura is the best. Good choice but you can't expect to win. 馃槇
@hikaymm shit sorry i ment what anime is this my fault lol
@JosiahQuick ahahah its okay! It's Madoka Magica ^^
@JohnMcCullough But she can try a lot of times ;) Homura is for sure the best of these magical girls, though!
@hikaymm thanks