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Laying there on top of the white sheets the only thing he could do was swim in his own thoughts. The doctors wouldn’t let him move around to much because of the cast on his leg. He had gotten lucky when the car hit him; his body had tried to jump away from it. Jung Kook had been is so much pain from his leg breaking that he passed out. When he woke up he was being rushed under bright lights with people around him. They gave him medicine to put him under so they could fix his leg. It was an interesting place between dreams and reality. It certainly didn not feel like a dream anyway; it was way to real for that.
Kookie had woken up inside his mind and was laying on a white bed. His body felt like it was in slow motion when he sat up. The room was dimly lit but he could make out a person near by in the room. When the person turned around his mind was spinning; there was no way this could be real. Nabi walked over to the bed sitting beside him silently placing her hand on his shoulder and pulled him closer. He could not help the overwhelming feeling of tears that poured from his eyes. He just sat there with her and cried like he never had before; he never felt this kind of sadness even when he was dissowned.
“I will always be watching over you my precious Kookie.” She kissed his head but before he could respind he felt himself being pulled from the room back through darkness. He opened his eyes and could feel the tear stains on his cheeks. This bed wasn’t where he wanted to be; the room wherever she was that’s where he wanted to be. The door to his room opened and the nurses brought another patient to put on the bed beside his. Whoever it was had bandages on one of his arms and on one leg.
The nurses moved them onto the bed gently before leaving quietly. First the nurses had blocked the person’s face and now the curtain that was pulled half way across. He could hear the other stir in their bed trying to aclamate. Certainly they hadn’t been awake for very long after they had bandaged him. Kookie wondered to himself what happened to the other patient. There was a soft sobbing coming from the other side of the curtain. Uncertain of what he should do Kookie panicked a little. Should he talk to the upset person or just leave them be. Nabi popped into his mind with her warm smiling face and he knew what she would have done. She never wanted anyone to feel upset or alone.
“Um…” He was hesatent. “Are you okay over there? Should I call for the nurses?” The sobs stopped in a hurried sniffle. Did he do something wrong?
“Kookie?” The voice on the other side of the curtain croaked out. It sounded like someone who had been a chainsmoker for decades but also strangely familiar.
“Do… I know you? Your voice doesn’t sound like anyone I know.”
“Fuck, I thought you were dead. Your eyes were closed I thought the worst.”
“What happened to you?”
“I uh….set my appartment on fire. Nabi is dead, Jin is practically dead, Hobi overdosed, Jimin left a suicide letter voice message, I thought you were dead. I coudln’t go on.
“So you decided to set your appartment on fire to kill yourself. What an idiot. You couldn’t find a better way to kill yourself? One more efficient and less painful.”
“I love you too Kookie.”
I hope yoomin happens! !! omh
saaame!! so unfair! @LemonLassie
@SugaOnTop NOOOOO This is not ok! Everything is not fine! so many feels...I just...hhdgsuifjbdjxjsj😣
*runs over to Kookie hugs!*
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