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Back again back again with Day 3 and this is turning out to require more commitment than I was anticipating but that's okay! I've got to learn commitment some time right? Thanks again to the girls @Lexxcisco @EliseB and @jessicaacosta90 for the tag. Let's keep this ball rolling! Day 3 is the 2nd favorite member of 2nd favorite group. Now this was really difficult for me narrow down because I have 3 groups(Infinite, BTS, EXO) I adore more than life itself but they're not in any order. So I decided to screw it and just showcase my second favorite members!
Meh! It's my sexy card and I'll do what I want.
First up, the one and only Chenderella.
Here he is looking fine af with Chanyeol, who makes me feel things and I don't know where I stand with him but enough about that troll.
Look at that face!
Oh L...sometimes you take my breath away.
So radiant...
Jimin Jimin...that boy and his lips and Jiminness.
I'm not a fan of fur but I am still in awe at how effortlessly Jimin rocked this look *fans self*
Mmm...stop it, Jimin. By stop it, I mean for the love of God keep going.
Now I definitely over did it this time but I can't help myself!! See ya tomorrow!
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Jimin needs to stay IN HIS LANE. Also that picture of Chen with Chanyeol was amazing...CHEN STAY IN YOUR LANE AS WELL. *Looks at L* too 😢😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😂😂