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EVERYONE IM BACK and READY TO SPAZZ ALL OVER Y'ALL cards So get ready for all the uncontrollable spazzing and random pop up! It's feel good to be back! THE CRAZY SPAZZ DORK IS BACK AND READY TO BLOW UP YOUR NOTIFICATIONS BECAUSE IM HAPPY AGAIN!!!
I haven't been really spazzing lately on anyone card lately because I got a life now.... 😂😂😂😂 I'm just kidding xD I got no life I'm a loser xD *sing bigbang song loser in my head*
To be honest I was getting kinda sentimental and really depress I kinda was losing hope and I felt like I need jhope in life for some hope but lol it just didn't work I didn't feel motivated enough to spazz even my writing was getting Depressing so I just wanted to give up on everything and on vingle and my friends but I realized vingle is the only place where everyone accepts you and motivate you like crazy so I wanna thank everyone who been comment under my story and making me feel good about my story's and giving me a reason to wake up happy to look at my phone to read everyone comment YOU GUYS ARE REALLY MY HOMIES! And I want to get to know every single one of you so hit me up let chat let be friends I'll start I'm Vinny I love Food NEXT YOUR TURN what's your favorite color (o.o) do you ever wonder what fishes be thinking about? (0.0) I do... I'm not weird. I have random thoughts its normal
Also I want to tell everyone who I've been seeing lately post that they want to give I got somethings to tell you If this Green bunny believe in you Then so should you (^_^) You have to go through a some rain to get a rainbow! Or somethings like that You just gotta keep your head held high and show the world since You were born you'll Shake the world So the great GD wise words say xP If I made it with scars so can you all have faith and believe (^_^)
These pic always make me laugh so if you feeling down read this you'll be laughing so hard you'll grow a six pack xD
And remember don't let the haters bring you down Fuck them just smile and walk away they hate that xD Also for those who are going through a heart break Don't worry Your one heart break away closer to your bias arms xP Your true love will come one day just be patient because they might be stick in a tree somewhere xD or lost xD Also for those who lost a close friend over somethings stupid or somethings That shouldn't matter because a true friend would give up just know that your not at fault it just means God had took away the toxic people away from your life to help you succeed and give you more room in your bubble for new friends who are really going to stay and help you (^_^) and accept you for you
And for those who lost a family member Don't worry and it's okay to cry but don't mourn over them for to long because you won't let them go away and enter heaven paradise. Accept there death and remember their no longer suffering anymore. Same for Those who lost a lovable family Pet its hurts but it always best to sent them free and let them go so they'll be able to be reborn again (^_^)
Now funny picture of D.O lol to lift up the mood a bit (^_^) I hope I made sense it's late at night for me lol I hope we all can become friends guys!! I'm always here for anyone I'm open minded I don't judge i like to learn new things yes I support LGBT and all that stuff hehe let's all become friends from around the world guys!!
I WRITE FANFIC I LOVE TO READ FANFIC GIVE ME FOOD AND KPOP AND FANFIC AND IM HAPPY LOL ❤️❤️🤓🤓😄😄😁😁😂😂 IM A VIRGO WHAT ABOUT YOU NO VIRGO ARENT BITCHES AND STUCK UP WE JUST HONEST STRAIGHT UP HONEST NO SUGAR COATED SHIT lol but we're loyal caring honest and trustworthy. But don't take use for granted we do have a dark side but then again I'm also a libra No there not Picking and naggy we just know fake bitchez and we like to have everything even and perfect same with Virgo and no their not two face we (at least me) would say whatever I want to say about someone to there faces I'm a vibra I was born in between both sign I was born on the ending day of a Virgo and the starting date of a libra originally so that how I am a cusp sign lol how I didn't confuse you xP
@Sailynn bruh!!!! we both be pisces!!!! fishyes friends for life! @twistedPuppy i dont wanna steal your virgo pisces thunder.... lol nah for reals this card was fab! i lobed the minty bunny! He so cute!!! but anytimr you wanna holla holla! us pairs gotta stick together!
Bruh, I'm like the happy virus of any friendship I make 😂 But thank you for those encouraging words! You're a kindred heart! ❤❤ And those memes! 👏👏😍 I'm also a straight up Pisces, but I'm a bit more extrovert than I am introvert though I hella daydream 😂😂 #thatshowiproducemyfanfic
@LemonLassie Ayyye I got you! ^_^
@Sailynn Brah me too!!! OMG PISCES AND VIRGO ARE SAID TO BE A PERFECT PAIR because they say opposition attracted lol we can be like best fanfic homies and what not lol
Thank you for all those words and memes 😂❤️. I'm a Scorpio...I'm so glad your back online. You're cards always make me laugh. And your fanfic let's not start on that. 😆
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