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Okayyy!! Since @marshalledgar and @MyAffairWith were so curious about this product, I decided to do a quick review of it. This really isn't very great, haha, but it was easy enough to just use it instead of my usual products today ;)

Can you see the difference?

I put the full size images as well in case its hard to see side by side, haha!

Anyways, here's my overview of the pros & cons:

- cancels out some of the darkness from my under eye circles without me needing to do anything else
- evens out the overall tone of my skin for sure!
- very smooth and easy to blend! I actually prefer not to use a brush with this CC cream, I just rub it in with my fingers and it covers!
- has SPF & is really kind of moisturizing! I don't have to use my primer with this if I don't want to, whereas with other foundations I really find them necessary
- was my favorite foundation....until I found a better one hahah!!
- brightens skin up a bit! I don't know how to describe this, other than it gives a glow and I don't feel the need to put on my usual highlighter.
- NOT full coverage! If you look at my cheek where I have a breakout & some redness , you can see that it cancels out the redness, but it doesn't really cover my blemishes as well as my preferred medium coverage foundations that I use when I have any redness or break outs (like Tarte's amazonian clay!)
- has potentially skin irritating ingredients (citrus oils). they don't bother me but its worth messaging. it also has snail secretion as an ingredient....up to you if that's good or bad!
- only comes in 5 shades, which is kind of annoying & hard to match for people (me included, it'll be better once I'm a bit tanner)
- feels kind of heavy on my skin personally, but might be good if your skin needs the moisture.
- not good for oily skin. have to set it for it not to get greasy by mid day on my skin, and I'd say I'm combo skin
- smells so totally funky?? I read that this is probably different from bottle to bottle, but my CC smells fine when I'm applying it, but as I start to rub it in, it smells totally rancid. It fades pretty quick, but is sooooo annoying!! Other people say it smells like citrus but I do NOT get that!
I just wanted to show this pic even though its super weirdly angled hahaha, but I thought it does show off the better aspect of it - my skin looks glow-y and satin-y and that part is why I first fell in love with it!
I definitely haven't loved this product all the time, but I think my pros/cons made it sound like its awful. It's not! It will definitely work for some people. But for me, I found things I like better than this product on my skin. So, give it a try - but maybe go to Ulta or something and ask them to apply it on you first, head out with it on to see how it lasts on your skin & THEN decide if you want it!!! Or, email It and as for a sample ;)
@MyAffairWith Definitely not a waste! Can still use it when I don't feel like using my other foundations :)
Marshall is right though. There is a definite difference in your skin with this product so at least it's not a total fail?
GREAT write-up! You had a lot of terrific pros @hikaymm The cons make sense why this might not be the best product. Based on the photos, I love that your skin is even and bright. The fact that it doesn't cover blemishes isn't something I see as a problem per se. Since you've done this product review, I will amend next month's review to cover something besides the IT Cosmetics CC cream. :)
@Animaniafreak LOL! Actually nothing, in my opinion, it's all in marketing :P But technically CC creams are supposed to do more color correcting than BB creams do!!! I found that some BB creams already color correct, though. They're both usually pretty similar in my opinion though, CC creams I guess are a little heavier sometimes?
ok maybe you've been hit with this question like 100 times, but I'm dying to know: What's the difference (to you) between BB cream and CC cream?
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