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Before false lashes like these awesome ones became common place, actresses & fashion queens used to do something spectacular called beaded lashes! It's not clear how long ago they have been used from, but the technique is SO insane!

How was it done?

"Eyelash beading requires a steady hand and it would have needed more than a little practice to achieve a good result. You need eyelash beading make-up, usually black or brown, a pan to melt it in, a heating element and an applicator (sometimes referred to as an eyelash-quill). A small amount of the make-up was placed in the pan and heated until molten. Taking small amounts at a time, the make-up was applied to the lashes with the flat end of an orange stick or something similar that a little bead hung on each lash tip."
K in the teeny tiny image above would be an example of the cosmetic stove that would be used!

So....how can we do it?

Well, lets not melt grease and put it on our face!
- Do a beading technique that are on false eyelashes
- Use false eyelashes that are already beaded like the ones above!!! Probably the easier way of doing things :)

Stay cool, kids, and maybe give beaded eye lashes a try!!!

@marshalledgar totally insane!! so interesting to see how makeup was done before it became so much safer
What a process!!!! Geez!