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When Your Phone Is Stolen By an Idol
He will call your mother... Be prepared. On another note...Look how freaking confident he is about this!! What even?! Donghae: Oh look! Imma call your mom because I'm *hair flip* Super Junior's Donghae.
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Well he is Donghae.. My mom wouldn't know who it is.. She probably cuss him out for stealing my phone lol..
a year ago·Reply
I was there but didn't have permission to be there...I'm glad I was in the third row 😂😂😂 it was so funny
a year ago·Reply
hey if your going to take my phone can you put your number in there while your at it
a year ago·Reply
My mom probably wouldn't answer haha
a year ago·Reply
lmbo my mom would legit speak fob-english
a year ago·Reply