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Elizabeth Patterson interview From the beginning of my obsession with drawing, I have been fascinated by transformational qualities of light and distance. Whether I am studying a large body of water shot through with sunlight or rain on a car windshield reflecting the glimmer of adjacent neon signs, I am always looking to catch the mystery of these completely real distortions. This is what interests me when I look at the world. No matter what the subject matter or what the degree of complexity in the composition, I never tire of the challenge of articulating the fluidity I see all around me. My most recent series “rainscapes” was born of my attempts to watch the patterns created by water and nightlight on my windshield during a rainstorm. A few drops turned into rivulets, blurring my vision. Then the wipers would completely change the image. It was a mesmerizing display of all the elements that stimulate my imagination: an emotional quality suggested by water, a solitary vantage point for the artist and constantly shifting colors and distances in the landscapes. I started shooting reference photos and am currently still mid-experiment with that imagery. via: http://www.eapatterson.com