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GD: Panda Bae, please don't get mad.....
GD: I promise I will be good...
Taeyang : GD can we have a talk??? GD: Not right now, my Panda Bae is mad at me!!
Taeyang: Ok... I will just stay with my "Pear"...
TOP: Taeyang don't worry I will always be here for you!!!!
Daesung: I am coming too!!!!
GD: Taeyang sorry... I love you too!!
Seungri : I love you too!! Taeyang : Love♡♡♡♡ We are all here for you my lovely @Bbxgd Fighting Girl!!!♡♡♡♡
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Awwwww. love you babe... amd all the squad (hate you kwonnie xD)