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{RFD} Quarter Finals: Ichigo vs Yusuke

Hello my battle Nakama!

Are you ready for match three of the Super Easter Sunday Rise From the Dead Tournament! I'm not going to lie everyone this is this match I've been looking forward to the most! It's the substitute Soul Reaper,Ichigo Kurasaki vs the Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi!

Let's do this!

Ichigo Kurasaki

Ichigo I known a substitute Soul Reaper; a spiritual being that as its name suggests reaps souls sending them to ether the Soul Society or to Hell. A Soul Reaper posses a Zombakto; a sword with unique powers based upon the Soul Reaper. Ichigo's Zompakuto is known as Zangetsu and is the biggest Zompakuto known in the Soul Society. Zangetsu can release a beam of energy known as Getsuga Tensho. A Zompakuto has a secondary more powerful form also known as its true form called a Bankai. A Bankai more than doubles a Soul Reapers true strength; Ichigo's Bankai is know as Tensa Zangetsu, making Zangetsu smaller, faster and more powerful. As Tensa Zangetsu the Getsuga Tensho becomes black and is also more than doubled in strength. Ichigo has Hollow powers inside of him, when he puts on his mask his power and speed increase by 10 gold making him an truly deadly foe.

Ichigo has overcome the odds time and time again. He fights to win and fights for his friends!

Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke is a young high school trouble maker who wound bound for nothing. Unfortunately for him the one day he decides not to be a jackass and save a little kid from getting hit by a car, he died. All was not lost for Yusuke though as he was granted new life (after having to prove he wasn't a jackass) as a Spirit detective. It's now Yusuke's job to control spirits here in the land of the living. Yusuke as a skilled martial artist and holds great spirit energy. Yusuke has the ability of the spirt gun; a beam of energy that comes out of his finger. With training from the wise master, Genkai, Yusuke was able to take full control over his power and strengthen the spirit gun. Yusuke and also fire multiple beams at once forming the spirit shot gun. After taking in his masters energy Yusuke perfected his power being able to shoot a super spirit gun. Yusuke trained with his great great demon grandfather, Rizen, and grew his power over 100 fold.

Yusuke is small but he is strong. Underestimating him could be a huge mistake

Who will win?

It's up to you!!

Vote in the comments below!

Make sure to catch up on this tournament and all the Super Sunday's! Check em' out here! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
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yusuke has more range!
a year ago·Reply
that's a hard one. ichigo deals with speed whilst yusuke deals with range. but I think ichigo will win as speed tends to beat range. but power and strength wise, it's a dead set tie
a year ago·Reply
@worldoflites19 @RoryImpellizeri You can't really just use the fact of speed as with many anime's (eg: Naruto, Dragon Ball ect.) we have seen very fast & powerful characters still loose! Yusuke is calm & keen with using strategy & he learns his enemies abilities very quickly
a year ago·Reply
@QuentinMcMath Ichigo is very calm, and a strategist... rarely, but he is almost always calm, and if we are assuming the combatants are being serious from the start, Yusuke stands no chance, if Ichigo goes for a kill blow, at speeds Yusuke can't even see, much less react to.
a year ago·Reply
ichigo as if he is close to death his hollow decide to make a appearance
a year ago·Reply