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Yeah, you know the feeling all too well.

It's been awhile since you've felt this way about anyone, but here go those feelings running amuck -- and this time, you don't really mind. While you had no intentions of where or how things would end up, you're enjoying the ride and you're hoping that things don't slow down from here. This person is everything you've ever prayed for and the one thing you never knew you were missing. As mushy as it sounds, it's the truth. They say people come into your life when the time is right and according to your watch, it's looking like the time can't get any better than now.
While you don't want to rush things, you're pretty sure your feelings show and that's perfectly fine. Your friends notice, your mom might catch you smiling at your phone and you might even catch yourself cheesing from ear to ear, it's okay. You revert back to your teenage days when Amanda Perez song 'Angel' was a hit and dedicate it to this person. Talk about doing the most [laughing out loud]. Sounds too good to be true? Probably, but such is life. If you think you might be diggin' the kid, but aren't totally sure -- keep scrolling to see the obvious signs that tell it all.

You Find Yourself Smiling More

Not because you just received a text message, but just in general. Your entire aura has changed and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. A smile a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say.

You're Learning To Appreciate Living In The Moment

Something you never quite knew how to do. This special person is helping you realize that life is precious and patience is a must. When you live in the moment and don't rush for tomorrow, something amazing will always come your way.

Your Hotline Blings A Lot More Than It Was

It's not Sallie Mae for once and you're so glad. Being able to engage with someone on a more intellectual and personal level is a great feeling. Why did it take you this long to realize that?

You Find Yourself Constantly Praying For This Person

Whether you're praying for their safety, their well being or just in general, they always seem to make it into your prayers.

They Make You Happy

The obvious out of the bunch. It's been awhile since someone has made you genuinely happy and for that, you are forever grateful.

How can you tell when you're into someone?

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You know things are on the right track (FAST) when they download Viber just so you both can send stickers to each other over and over and over...
I can't wait to talk to her again and she calls or texts me just to say hi and it turns into a marathon conversation that lasts hours 馃槉馃槉
When I can't stop thinking about them
Ahhhhh! The anticipation is always real waiting on that call or text 馃檲 @buddyesd
The best feeling ever!!!! @primodiva93
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