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These self portraits by Ahn Jun bring to mind the skywalking trend and capture the dizzying energy of modern skyscrapers. Jun uses the unsettling power of heights to grab our attention, but it’s the details that really captivate as she plays with the contrast of soft, silky fabric and the hard, industrial backdrop of an urban setting. Her delicate figure appears young and helpless as she balances precariously in the ledges of different tall buildings. Jun recently graduated from Parsons The New School for Design with an MFA in Photography and was named as one of BJP’s 20 photographers to watch in 2013.
@nollakolla no wayyy?? you as well have the goose bumps when looking at those photos? me tooo, I did have goose booms when took a quock look of those photos. !
@sofiamuller758 hehe you are just the same as Alise, I believe! Try bungee jumping, after taht you would not scare anymore. Anyway those photos are really nice, isnt it?
@alise hehe are you afraid of height or something? I believe it would be really scary to stand high up there with the feeling of the person who is afraid of heght !
I would not even go to stand in the corner of the building, not to mention to seat or stand and take self portrait as her did !!!
I wonder did the mod actually stand in the cliff of the building like that? If it was me, I could not do that.
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