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If there’s one thing I hate, it’s people interupting my sleep on my off day... I woke up to the shrilling sound of my ringtone. Half asleep, I managed to locate my phone while knocking down several items in the process. I tried to figure out the caller with my eyes still half closed & I really didn't like the name that was dancing on my screen. It was Jerry, my boss at work & best buddy off work... “You better have a goddamn good reason, or else you're dead to me dude!” I hissed into the phone. “Nat! Sorry to call you this early, but Boss called asking for you,” Jerry replied quickly. I was stunned. “What! You mean Boss...Boss?!?” “Yep!” Jerry simply stated. “But I thought he was out of the country for another 2 weeks!” I replied surprised. “Well… He's back alright. No time to explain now...Nat you need to get down to his house ASAP,” Jerry said hurriedly. “Say what now!?!” I screamed. You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought. “Why do I need to go to that old fart's place?” I asked, now irritated. “Well, I'm not sure...he just told me to send you there as soon as I get hold of you. By the way, he's not an “Old Fart” and you know it,” he retorted. “Yeah, yeah...but right now he is,” I grumbled. I don't consider people who creeps on my me-time, Sweet. “So you're cool, right?” he asked hesitantly. “Do I have a choice?” I replied sarcastically. “Chill, Nat, I'm sure it won't be so bad. Just go there quickly, and find out what he wants. I'm gonna ring him up and let him know you'll be there in an hour’s time. And yeah, Nat...” I hear him sigh on the other end, “don’t you dare go in your PJs,” Jerry added, sounding serious. I started to laugh, “Come on, hon! I'm not that bad...” “Well, you did the last time I called you in on your day off. Just making sure that we don’t get a repeat of THAT episode.” “Gotcha, Boss!” I replied still laughing. “OK...gotta hang up and get ready or else I won't make it on time,” I said as I jump off the bed. “Alright! Update me later. ‘kay? And thanks, Nat.” Jerry said, relieved. “Just add couple of more zeros on my pay check, and we'll be good,” I said cheekily and hung up. I rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower... Hi...forgot to introduce myself. My name is Nat. 27 years old, single & very much happy. FYI: Relationships are pain in the arse, rock is my music, I'm a rock-chick-kinda-fella. My best friend is a guy...yeah, I was just talking to him. Food fussers are a No-No in my book (Ha! think I just coined a new! You get what I'm saying, no? Moving on. -.-) Weird and crazy pretty much fits my bill. Yep...that's me. I'm a walking awesomeness...Bam!! Oh yeah... and just to make it clear: That Old Fart I mentioned earlier, is actually a very sweet old fella. For some reason, Mr. and Mrs. Lee have always treated me like family. Said I reminded them of their feisty daughter who, sadly, passed away (RIP her soul). Hmmm... maybe that's the reason. Either way, I love this old couple. They always made me feel at home in this new city. In case you're wondering, I only moved to this city about 2 years ago when Jerry asked me to join his company. It was a sudden plan, but I never regretted it. I love this city and the people here are pretty cool too. Although, I do miss home… but then again, I get to visit my folks often. So no big deal there, ya know? Having said that, gotta to rush. I slipped on my favorite pair of jeans, my formidable boots, grabbed my jacket and keys before I ran passed the door. It was a 30 minute drive without traffic. I drove towards the highway, hoping I didn’t get caught in traffic, but then again, I always did. Just my luck! It took me 40 minutes just to reach the place. I got ushered in by one of the maids. She asked me to wait in the living room while she left to let Mr. Lee know of my arrival. I sat there yawning. Honestly, I still haven't snapped out of my sleep-like state. Even the cushions on the sofa made me want to lay down and just curl myself off to sleep. I look at it longingly and sighed. “Nat, sweetheaaaart! Good morning!!!” Mr. Lee said as he came in with the brightest smile. It always amazes me how people can be so cheerful so early in the morning. Really! I'm always a sore bear until 10. Brushing aside the thought, I got up, put on my brightest smile & wished him a good morning, and gave him a hug. “How have you been, dear?” Mr. Lee asked sitting down opposite to me. “I've been good. How was your trip?” I asked. “Trip was good, but we had to cut it short since my grandson, Mark, will be visiting. And that's also the reason why I called you as well.” “Huh?! What does your grandson have to do with me?” I asked confused. “Well you see, Grandma and I won't be of much company. So, I wanted to request you to show him around, you know. It's his first visit, and I want him to have a good time. Plus, he's been studying abroad all his life and he is not very fluent in Korean. He's more comfortable with English. You're fluent in both. So, it will be easier for him with you around,” Mr. Lee added. “Soooo... basically, you want me to babysit him??” I cringed at the thought. “Well, not exactly... I'm just asking you to keep him company. Show him around while he's here, take him out, and have fun. Do what you young kids do this days,” Mr. Lee said amused. As much as I hate the thought of babysitting some rich brat, I couldn't say NO to my boss who also happens to be my extended family, could I? “So, yeah... I’ll do it,” I said reluctantly. Seeing my torn expression, Mr. Lee laughed. “Don't be so down, dear. I'm sure both of you will hit it off great. Mark is a nice kid.” He then, briefed me that I needed to go pick him from the airport at 7pm. He also suggested that I move in for the next 2 weeks while Mark was here which I calmly refused. Babysitting him during the day time was enough. I was not gonna sacrifice my precious nights as well. Psssst...I mentally snap. “Alright then, it’s all set. I will see you when you bring Mark home. By the way, did I tell you, my grandson is in some idol band?? GOT...TT...GOT7! Yeah, that's it. You should look them up. Apparently, they are quite popular. And he's also a good looking young man,” Mr. Lee winked. I rolled my eyes which got him laughing. “I'll have Jerry forward you my Mark's picture and number so you can easily recognize him when you go to pick him up,” Mr. Lee added as he saw me to the door. “Ok, well... I will see you later in the evening. Say hello to Mrs. Lee for me.” I called on my way out. “Sure, sure... she will be cooking up a feast, and waiting for you guys,” he said as he waved. I smiled as I got in my car. Well, at least there's some perks to this job. I absolutely love Mrs. Lee cooking. Even the thought of it has me salivating. On my way back I called Jerry... “Hey Nat! So what's the news??” he asked all hyped up. “Nothing exciting. I got a babysitting assignment. Can you believe that!?! Boss precious grandson is visiting, so he wants me to babysit him. Seriously, I can't believe I'm ending up babysitting some pretty boy!” I shouted frustratingly. “Pretty boy??” Jerry asked confused. “Well, apparently, this kid is in some idol band....GOT 8… 9 or something,” I murmured without any interest. “You mean GOT7!!!??” Jerry shouted excitingly. “Hmmn... yeah, I think that's right, GOT7. You know them??” “OMG! Nat... please tell me you know GOT7!!” “Nope… Don't know, don't care!!. You know I'm not into pop stuff,” I replied. “Girl! You are such a lost cause... seriously! We need to have you caught up on GOT7’s profile ASAP. I'm mailing you Mark's picture, and number in a bit. Please go through it, ok? Please, Nat,” he begged. “Ok, ok...geez it's not like I have an exam or something. I just have to chauffeur the pretty boy’s arse to places he wants to visit, and I'm out.” “Gosh! Nat... you can't do just that,” Jerry sounded taken aback. “Why? Do I have to change his diaper, and feed him too?” I tease. “Uff! Nat, you know what I mean. GOT7 is a big deal. You might have to fan-off fans while you take him out. You have no idea how this teen fans are. They are bat shit crazy. Just go through the email... Trust me, it’s gonna help you with this job. I don't want you offending Boss’s grandson with your sassy attitude. Although, I'm pretty much sure you will, one way or the other,” Jerry said as a matter of fact. I couldn't help, but laugh. “You know me, honey, if the kid gets smart with me, he's gonna get his share. Though I promise I will try my best not to let him get on my nerves, ‘k? Happy?” “Sounds fair...” he said reluctantly. “Ok, then. Talk to you later. Sending you the email now. Pretty boy should drop a text when he takes off. Please be there on time at the airport, k? Bye now....” I drove back home dreading my new assigned job... Well, pretty boy... Let's see how we fair, aite! *My big thank you to Jasmine for helping me with the proofreading*
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