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Laia Abril began photographing the images of the emaciated girls that appeared on her computer screen when she began researching Thinspiration. She took her computer into a dark room, as if she were doing a fashion shoot, and began collecting portraits of the ProAna online community. Through the photographs she captured of anorexic subjects we are taken into private bedrooms, bathrooms, and the very mindset of the disorder.
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give me a break ! I think the media should stop promote the skinny model as a beauty any longer, this absolutely create the obsession in mental of young girls !
I have no word ! :(
I already ranted about this very thing on another card. This obsession with the notion that only skinny people can be beautiful has become so deeply entrenched in people's mindset. It's so sad. The media tells you and people around you always talk about losing weight and being skinny. Hence, why there are so many girls who are just children, obsessed also with their weight.
oh my god ! I was shocked when seeing those photos. How can someone be this skinny! Unless they got some kind of illness, I could understand, but just for beauty, I doubt that !.
@sofiamuller758 It's true and isn't that so sad? A good number of anorexics are that way because they are obsessed with beauty and their biggest fear is being fat.