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So I divided this chapter into 3 parts ( to make you guys suffer from excitement Lol) Anyway please tell me what you think cuz i honestly have no idea...

Chapter's song: Something Good...Got7 (flight log)

~Jackson's POV~ I came out from my room seeing everyone awake was a weird sight..."Morning, why are you guys up early?" I asked "it's nothing we woke up to practice some dance moves" all the members said "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?" I said "You looked tired so we didn't want to wake you up" Jaebum said "ohh" I said not convinced enough ~Jaebum's POV~ S**t I didn't think he'll wake up...we need to prepare for his birthday party I can't believe that he's 22 already...I guess he's always acting childish so I never noticed... ~Yugyeom's POV~ I decided to ask Tanny and Steff to join us for lunch today since it's Jackson hyung's birthday...and he keeps asking about Tanny a lot..

In School

~Aseel's POV~ Aissh School is boring as always...I wish I could go home now but I promised Mark to eat lunch with him today...I sigh ~Tanny's POV~ I wonder who Aseel sits with at lunch...I haven't seen her in the Cafeteria at all... ~Steff's POV~ Yugyeom is really talkative...for some reason he looks more energetic today...which is weird because today is a Wednesday...mhm I shrug I don't know what he's thinking of

In lunch

~Yugyeom's POV~ I walk to Steff "Umm you want to eat lunch with me and my hyungs? Pretty please?" I said with my best puppy eyes. She looks at Tanny "Ah yeah, Tanny should come too! Please~" I said "Let me ask Tanny" Steff said as she walked to Tanny "Let's go Yugyeom!!" Steff said after she came back from talking to Tanny.."Let's go!" ~Aseel's POV~ I walked towards the rooftop but I found a sticky note saying "Mian I had to go to the Cafeteria...the door of the rooftop is locked" umm I should go to the Cafeteria too I think as I walk towards the Cafeteria.. ~Marks POV~ I know it's Jackson's birthday I should buy him a cake...meh something cooler like a cap! With SWAG written on it!! Well...I wonder if the girl from yesterday read the note...I hope so..."Mark!" I look. IT'S THAT GIRL what was her name again? Ase-something...wait I don't remember telling her my name...."Ah hi" I said "wanna join us?" I asked she scaned our table and whispered in my ear "Mian there's a lot of people in your table...I'm not good with socializing" "you don't need to socialize, just sit next to me" I said "....kay...." she said blushing.. ~Jackson's POV~ AHHHHHHHH Why is Tanny here? I looked at Yugyeom and he gave me thumps up...I asked Tanny to sit next to me and we talked a lot about random stuff.. ~Steff's POV~ OMG this guy....HE'S SO HANDSOME I feel my mouth dropping and Tanny closing it..."just be yourself" she whispered and I nodded. Everybody started introducing their selves..."I'm BamBam" he said and did aegyo I clapped unconsciously...I could feel Yugyeom looking at me and I smile towards him... ~BamBam's POV~ Why are these girls here? This girl in front of me...she's beautiful...I noticed Yugyeom giving me the "She's mine" look and I shrugged it's not like they're dating or anything right?! Woah who made that sound I looked and the girl in front of me introduced herself as "Annyeong! My name's Steff Long! nice meeting you all!" she said as she bowed and made a heart shape with her man she's wonder Yugyeom likes her ~Yugyeom's POV~ I hate how BamBam hyung and Steff keep staring at each other!! I'M the one who asked Steff to come, not him...I walked away from my hyungs and I felt someone following me... ~Jackson's POV~ I don't know why this is all happening...Talking to Tanny and seeing everyone couple up...Maybe I should ask someone...Yugyeom would be the best to ask...I look for him and I see him walking away from our table and I started following him..."Yugyeom" I said he looked at me "ah hi hyung" he said looking mad at something "so...why did you invite the girls today of all time?" I asked annoyed "Cuz I wanted to" he said and started walking away...well that was weird...I thought as I sat back next to Tanny... ~Mark's POV~ We talked a little bit "How did you know my name?" I asked her "Got7 is my favorite kpop group..." then I saw Jinyoung trying to sit next to me and Jackson let him..."So" I turned back to her "Do you remember every member's birthday and stage name?" I asked she took a deep breath and started pointing "Of Course!! Mark Tuan, September 4, 1993" she pointed at me then she pointed at Jinyoung "Jr, September 22, 1994" she pointed on all the members except Youngjae..."Sorry he's not in my record..." she said in a robotic voice then I uncounsiculy pinched her cheek "His name is Youngjae, and he was born in September 17, 1996" I said while looking at her face to see her expression...SHE WAS BLUSHING SO HARD I start to laugh and everyone glanced over at me "shudd up" I heard her say omo she's so cute...WAIT NO... Author-nim here!! So what do you guys think about this part? I was fangirling while writing this so...Also this part was suppose to be out yesterday but I had to edit a lot of parts...Thanks for reading!!!!

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