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Relationship goals ;D A couple of my other favorites: Times New Roman in the streets. Wingdings in the sheets. Aladeen in the streets, Aladeen in the sheets. Introvert in the streets, extrovert in the sheets. (Even though I will say that Introverts tend to be more crazy XD) INTJ in the streets, ESFP in the sheets. (I can confirm INTJ's are the kinkiest freaks lol But any who, not trying to start any MBTI wars on account of us being the best ;p *insert Kermit sipping tea*) Kawaii in the streets, Senpai in the sheets Banner in the Streets, Hulk in the sheets. Upsetti in the streets, spaghetti in the sheets
How about.. um.. Barney on the streets, Reptar in the sheets? Nooo???
@nicolejb Hahaha you're right XD He had his sexy quirks! ;D @danidee Ummm, Big Foot in the streets, Big **** In the sheets? Lmfao XD
I love this so much 😂
I'd forgotten about this! These ARE pretty great lol
Woody in the streets, Buzz LightYear in the sheets? (To infinity and beyond ;p) XD it would work the other way too 😂
UMMMMMM.......... god, I want to think of one too, and I can't.
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