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As a woman, I'll admit there are certain things that brighten my day.

It can be as simple as using a new face wash for the first time to opening that package you just received in the mail that you've been anticipating for weeks.
It doesn't take much for us to be satisfied, or maybe I'm just speaking for myself. The video below sums up the feeling of satisfaction as a woman to a tee.
Whether you're trying out a new chapstick or you found something you've been searching for -- you know the feeling all too well. If you don't, keep scrolling and see the little things that bring women satisfaction and joy.

What little things in life bring you joy and satisfaction as a woman?

I have to be in the right mood for loud shoes. Sometimes it makes me feel powerful, sometimes I wish it wasnt happening hahahaha
That beautiful feeling when you take off the skinny jeans XD
Buying new things because I pay bills so much that shopping is a huge luxury
@nicolejb it's funny you say that because I love loud shoes but not so much chapstick unless my lips are dry although the rest of these are all basically true
definitely :) @MyAffairWith
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